NEWARK: TLM implemented

From a reader:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (259 Oliver St., Newark, NJ) has recently instituted a Latin Mass according to the More Ancient Use Monday-Friday at 7:30 A.M. We are planning to start a Sunday Mass at 5:00 P.M. on the First Sunday of Advent. I would appreciate it if you could announce this on your website. We are also looking for men and boys who are interested in serving or forming a schola. Those interested should contact Fr. Forte at 973-589-2090. I would also appreciate it if you could recommend any other websites that I should contact.

Keep up the good work.

In Christ,
Fr. Anthony Forte

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  1. Aaron Traas says:

    For anyone interested, Fr. Forte is awesome! He was previously my pastor, and more recently served as subdeacon for my wedding mass.

  2. Nathan says:

    Kudos to Fr. Forte! He has been laboring on behalf of the faithful who love the TLM in New Jersey for a long time. Ad multos annos!

    In Christ,

  3. Mitch says:

    It is getting closer…….Keep spreading over the border into Queens, NY (where my pastor has directed me to a TLM miles away and refused to say Latin Mass)……Good Luck to all parishoners in Newark…Blessed you are.

  4. James the Less says:


    I am not sure where you have been directed to, but there is a TLM at
    Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the Bronx, 627 East 187th Street.
    Since the first Sunday of Advent last year, there has been a Low Mass
    every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Father James Miara is the celebrant.
    Not sure if that is an easier commute for you than St. Agnes in Manhattan.

  5. Doc Angelicus says:

    There should be a choice of Italian and Portuguese restaurants in that area, for a nice dinner after Mass.

    Also in NJ, there is a regular TLM at Holy Rosary Church in Jersey City, conveniently located about 3 minutes from the Holland Tunnel. Beautiful church. I believe the Mass is at a more normal 11 AM. And of course, there’s the FSSP parish in Pequannock, not far from the GW Bridge.

  6. Aaron Traas says:

    Don’t forget St Anthony of Padua in West Orange, NJ. It’s an ICKSP parish.

  7. Charivari Rob says:

    Doc A. – “There should be a choice of Italian and Portuguese restaurants in that area, for a nice dinner after Mass.”

    You just triggered some very pleasant Newark flashbacks. Father Z. definitely needs to get to the Ironbound.

  8. PubliusIII says:


    The Holy Rosary Mass is at 10:00 AM now. The attendance at this mass
    is grwoing slowly and, please God, will save this church from the
    Diocese’s New Energies Committee which wants to shutter Holy Rosary.
    Any newcomers are alerted to a weekly convivium in the church basement
    and any singers are encouraged to volunteer for the fine choir.


  9. Mitch says:


    Thank you and yes I was told about that one….I have not attended the one at St. Agnes as of yet…I go to Our Lady of Good Counsel @1 pm on Sat…It is a shame because I have a beautiful Gothic Church one block form me but was flat out refused a TLM….Is the one in the Bronx growing???

  10. James the Less says:


    The community is growing. I’d say the attendance is consistently 100 people
    or more every week. In getting the Mass started, I think two things helped:
    1.) Father Miara, a diocesan priest, was already at OLMC and well trained
    in the rubrics and 2.)the Knights of Columbus council affilated with the parish
    has the TLM as its charism.

    In our discussions with the then pastor, we were very conscious about stressing
    that the TLM would be a great benefit to the entire Church and the parish.
    The Knights also provided a “stable group of faithful” – at that time we thought
    that might be a concern despite the statements of Cardinal Castrillon post-SP.

    BTW, I think the Saturday Mass at Good Counsel has moved to Holy Innocents.

  11. Karl says:

    Too bad that the website for St Anthony of Padua Church does not mention a previous Pastor, Father Paul Wickens. This is an injustice to a fine man and priest.

  12. Doc Angelicus says:

    Aaron, yeah, I forgot about that one. And I’ve been there several times, too.

    Karl, don’t take it personally. They don’t mention any of the history prior to ICKSP took it over. There’s much there that could be said, not all of it happy, and it’s probably better that they just talk about themselves and what they’re doing now.

  13. Mary says:

    I was wondering when Fr. Forte’s name would come in discussion of the Latin Mass, let alone when his parish would have it. There is another parish in the Archdiocese of Newark, Our Lady of the Victories in Harrington Park (upper, well Northern Bergen county) that has a “Traditional Latin Mass” at 8:20am on Sunday Mornings, at least that’s how it is advertised in the bulletin of the Church I work at.

    The FSSP parish in Pequannock is Our Lady of Fatima and it’s really close to route 23, I was there in Jan. or Feb. for my friends’ son’s Christening. The child was born at the end of January so I don’t remember when the Christening was exactly. One of the priests from Our Lady of Fatima came to say the Latin Mass at my parish (that’s how we advertised it) in honor of the parish being 100 years old last April.

  14. Ken says:

    Karl — For what it’s worth, the Institute of Christ the King has a memorial to Father Wickens at the top of every bulletin (which are on the website). Many of the Masses there are said for him. And, of course, the hall is named after him.

    Father Wickens did great work in New Jersey when the Archdiocese of Newark went to hell in a handbasket. He is remembered fondly at Saint Anthony of Padua and by the Institute of Christ the King.

  15. Tomás López says:

    Is Msgr Ambrosio still the pastor at OLC Newark?

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