shots and thanks

Many thanks to J of AL who sent a wonderful panettone from my wish list!  I am very grateful.

I shall have to find some prosecco to go with it and people to share it.

In the meantime, it’s off to the mail box for the second time today and then to fill the bird feeder!

Then it is off to the tiny library to pick up my interlibrary loan books which came in.  What an amazing service!

I am about to return the copy of the Liber Sacramentorum Engolismensis which I obtained through the interlibrary system. An electrifying read, to be sure.

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  1. DG says:

    Aren’t interlibrary systems great? Yeah, if you’re lucky enough to be part of a system that includes a Catholic college or a major public library (for example, USD is in San Diego’s “SDCircuit” interlibrary system — county public library’s a member, not city), you’re able to get little R.A. Knox gems from the ’40s and ’50s, bounded back issues of the USCCB’s BCL newsletter, even old missals. Great and underutilized service.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    That “Liber Sacramentorum Engolismensis” looks like a great book!

  3. Erick says:

    And look at all those cool footnotes! “Liber Sacramentorum Engolismensis” surely is the must-read book of Winter 2008!

    Seriously now, this amateur classicist happens to love footnotes. I enjoy being diverted from reams of text now and again by a reference that directs me to another book in my library.

    “Then it is off to the tiny library to pick up my interlibrary loan books which came in. What an amazing service!”

    Sadly, no such service exists in my corner of the world (that I know of, at any rate). I’ve been forced to assemble my own classical-studies reference library at great expense – which was no joke for a lad on a high-school allowance. Salaried work eased the burden a little, but I still find myself wishing we had the sort of libraries U.S. folk enjoy (and, quite frequently, ignore).

  4. Ann says:

    ah yes, the joy of books.

    One of my professors showed us a volume of a set of books that very much impressed me. My hubby, a tool hound, took one look at them as I drooled over them online, announced that they were an essential tool for my studies and demanded that I buy them.

    Not by a Catholic press, but I’m really loving them. I feel positively decadent when I pull down a volume and read the scripture for next sunday along with the commentary from the early fathers.

    Fun, fun, fun!!

    Your foray to the library for interlibrary loan made me think of them.

    Now I’m going to go hug my hubby and make him wonder what he did right this time! :-)

  5. mike says:

    Stone washed LEVIticusS. Groovy [Indeed! They are that!]


  6. Margo says:

    Fr. Z, why the picture of a pair of boots? Just curious… [Does there have to be a reason?]

    LOVE inter-library loan! DG, have you heard of WorldCat (world libraries catalogue)? I once haled a friend’s dissertation out of Ireland library in St. Paul, MN through WorldCat.

    ‘WorldCat…good for what ails ya’*

    (*If a bookworm ya be!)

  7. Father Z in jeans! The scandal! ;-) [Imagine!]


  8. Nice boots. My Dad has the same pair.

    Margo: It’s a Minnesota thang.

  9. Roland de Chanson says:

    ILL is the greatest invention since sliced panettone! [Try making French Toast with panettone!]
    I only have to search the local universities’ online catalogues and then paste the LOC number into my local library’s ILL online form, and voilà, a week to a month later my book arrives. Before computers, I actually had to beg the crabbed and cretinous old crone [Not to mention crotchety and crass.]
    who always found a reason that some volume was unavailable. Public sector hack. My ataraxia has improved noticeably since the internet. At least my wife thinks so.

    Margo – I’ll have to try WorldCat. Maybe I can get the Book of Kells for Christmas? [I’m aiming for Sinaiticus, but so far no luck.]

  10. Ed Casey says:


    Everyone here seems focused on the Library loaners, yeah – very nice – useful, extremely. But lets gets down to business: The Tre Marie – Milanese – if you put this on your wish list is this a recommended brand and style – or were you limited due to Amazon’s selection? I’m interested because I too enjoy this treat and think you must be in a position to know. Being in NYC 5 days a week I have access to a variety and wonder how you rate this selection. I saw this exact box across the street from me this morning, among others.

    Stay warm and please keep the pics and posts coming.



  11. MargoB says:

    You can get just about anything on WorldCat. *THE* Book of Kells is under glass and security, so that might need to be a copy (instead of the original), but anything legally moveable is findable and shippable!

    Fr. Z.,
    You got me! Wonder does indeed supersede knowledge in terms of the proper orientatino of teh human person. Needed that – thanks!

  12. MargoB says:


  13. Ed: I think the Tre Marie is pretty good. The others are alright,too. Start sampling.

  14. Lirioroja says:

    Ed, Fr. Z is right. Start sampling. I live in NYC and I love panettone. If I
    bring one to my parents’ home at least half of it is gone in one sitting. I like
    to heat up a slice in the toaster oven and cover it in butter while it’s still
    warm. Fr. Z, I’ve not tried French Toast panettone but I can imagine it must be

  15. Roland de Chanson says:

    Fr. Z: I’m aiming for Sinaiticus, but so far no luck.

    Well you may soon be in luck: You may be able to print your own!

    There are sites with Book of Kells images. I am going to pick one illumination for a new background image. Interrete! Mirabile spatiatu!

  16. supertradmom says:

    Tre Maria is good. We always have pannetone for St. Nicholas Day and pandoro at Easter. Which do you prefer?

  17. Veritas says:

    Father, instead of prosecco, I recommend a glass of vin santo–much sweeter and thus more fitting with the panettone.

  18. Veritas: Not a bad idea.

  19. World Cat is a great, great thing. Without I.L.L. my life would be impossible (and a shout out to our local I.L.L. coordinator Dan Mulvey – he’s great!).

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