Experts at hating

I am not a great fan of SSPX Bp. Williamson, as you know.  Though from time to time he hits one out of the park, his ideas about many things are strange and destructive.  Broken clocks, and all. 

I profoundly hope that he will retire to a quiet corner and remain there, out of public view.

For all of that, I am sorry to see him so hounded by the press.

The newsies love this sort of thing, because they can really sharpen their fangs and go to work.  You can also hear their spittle go splick on their keyboards as they wait for another chance to hurt him and the Church, which tar with the same brush.

The Lord came into the world to save sinners, and the Church is the sinners refuge.  The Church is a hospital for the sick, even a hospice.

I worry for the souls of those who show no mercy.

In the meantime, you can see what fruits this flap is bearing and what the press is fanning with the help of the profoundly stupid.

In Düsseldorf there was what looks to have been a Fasching parade, which included this entry:

How they hate.  They are experts at hating.

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  1. veritas says:

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour, all 6,000,000 of them. As for Williamson, the illicitly consecrated bishop, he is not so much” Athanasius contra Mundum “(after all Athanasius stood for truth) so much as “Everybody in the regiment is out of step but our Dickie”. He needs our prayers.

    Andy-Pandy , for shame, do not associate the noble cause of Catholicism with the degraded world of Shoah denial, inhabitated only by crackpots , the mentally deranged, and neo-Nazis. The views of the Holy Father are only too clear, why not follow his guidance?

  2. Jordanes says:

    AndyPandy claimed: From personal experience I can tell you that no one on God’s green earth is as hateful a as Talmudic Jew.

    I highly doubt that you have had personal experience with every single living person on God’s green earth, let alone every single “Talmudic Jew” as you prefer to call them. Your bigotry is repugnant.

  3. Ottaviani says:

    Thom: So when you tell the “liberal dissidents” to “just go,” they don’t count as much as Williamson?

    Double standards, and all that. It’s a funny business.

    In case you have been living in a cave for the last 40 years, the church has been far too patient with liberal dissidents, who not only rebel against the church but undermine her by attacking and casting doubt over official teachings of the church, which have been divinely revealed. While Bishop Williamson is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic, there’s alot more that could be said for him than for the likes of Kung, Curran and O’ Brien – all three who have had more mercy shown to them than they deserved.

  4. Brian says:

    To the extent that the people watching that vicious, unfair, and anti-Catholic float, protested against the bigotry of whoever made the float and whoever allowed it to be in the parade, I retract my comment.

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