A most excellent rivalry

I was looking at the nice photos of Corpus Christ at Fr. Blake’s place and noticed a fun comment.

I notice Fr Tim thinks he had more candles and servers, so? I bet we had more Doctorates amongst the servers! Not that either of us are into rivalry, merely giving glory to God. Though we got our photographs up first!

Well… His Hermeneuticalness has a statue of Pope Urban IV!

So there!

Fr. Blake is on the right.

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  1. pelerin says:

    Yes the servers there are a very learned lot!! It was a beautiful celebration with sublime music and magnificent vestments – everything helping the congregation towards participation in a prayerful Mass. Incidentally the Deacon on the left of the picture above was Dr Alcuin Reid who I understand is a celebrated liturgist.

  2. Romulus says:

    Splendid vestments; I am so glad they were used. But an ombrellino — and only one thurifer? Tsk, tsk.

  3. Don’t even think about picking on the good brick by brick efforts of men in the trenches.

  4. irishgirl says:

    Hey, what a cool photo! Way to go, Fr. Blake!

  5. Hestor says:

    I notice that Fr. Ray is not on your sidebar of links!

  6. Rob says:

    LOL, this is more entertaining than a Yankees/Red Sox game. [GO SOX!]

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