Attention Minnesotans (et al.)

The Minnesota State Fair is a huge summer event, and I do mean huge.

A reader of the blog just alerted me to a Catholic initiative at the Fair.  Here is the text I was sent.

It’s one of the few things on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair without any calories or fat, and it’s FREE!  The Cathedral of Saint Paul Young Adults are kicking off their 2nd annual Theology on a Stick event at the Minnesota State Fair this weekend, with theological talks, answers to questions about relationships, musical entertainment, and the most exciting episode of all – Grill a Priest!  No, wait….we’re not actually putting a Priest up on the Webber.  Every year we have great local Priests come and answer any and all questions you have!  From faith and relationships, to the economy and war – these Priests will take any question you have!  This year we’re excited to host Bishop Lee Piche and renowned professor at the University of Saint Thomas, Dr. Michael Naughton.

Theology on a Stick is generously hosted by Saint Bernard’s Bulldog Lodge on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair on the corner of Dan Patch Ave and Cosgrove St.  This year’s official sponsor is Catholic Aid Association (, a local fraternal benefit organization serving more than 74,000 members in the upper Midwest.  The dates are Friday August 28th, Saturday August 29th, Wednesday September 2nd, Friday September 4th, and Saturday September 5th.

For more information on this great event and organization, go to

Theology on a Stick Mission Statement
Through the invitation of a welcoming atmosphere, utilizing catechetical presentations and talks, we strive to proclaim the Gospel to those searching for life meaning with little or no faith perspective

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  1. lucy says:

    Wow! Some locations in our country are so blessed. I pray that God will soon bless our Great Central Valley with a bishop of this caliber ! Have fun at the fair.

  2. Mark Pavlak says:

    This is a lot of fun! I went to it last year and there were some great talks. Though I think the MC from 92-KQRS wasn’t the right pick for the job… Maybe they can change that this year.

    I haven’t met Bishop Piche, but I can tell you that Dr. Naughton is a champion professor of Catholic Social Doctrine. It would do us all well to try and listen to him!

  3. Catholicman says:

    For more info visit:

    Great speakers lined up. In addition to Bishop Piche and Dr. Naughton, there is the rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul, Fr. Joseph Johnson, apologize Tim Drake, Dr. Deb Savage, and Fr. John Paul Erickson (Director the Archdiocesan Worship Office). All solid, orthodox people!

    It was a great time last year and I’m sure will be again this year!

  4. Catholicman says:

    That’s “apologist” Tim Drake.

  5. Sacristymaiden says:

    Great idea! Wish that would happen here in CA…

  6. Sacristymaiden: It can… when you help to organize it.

  7. thereseb says:

    I hope Fr Emil from Lake Wobegon will be there to answer questions on teenage relationships, as his advice has never been better or more succinctly put.

    “If you don’t want to go to Chicago, then don’t get on the train”.

  8. kradcliffe says:

    Oh, that sounds fantastic! You all have no idea how much I’d love to go to a State Fair in America and eat food on sticks, LOL… and then this idea is just so cute and funny and I hope it reaches a lot of people. God bless ’em.

  9. irishgirl says:

    I love it! What a cool name!

    I hope it’s a real smash hit!

  10. Jules says:


    Thanks for the support, everyone.

    Actually, as founding co-chair of this event in 2008 (last year), I can attest that we did not have an MC from KQRS. Our MC’s were Father John Paul Erickson (Archdiocesan Worship Director, who’s idea TOS was), Mr. Lino Rulli (host of Generation Cross, Lino at Large, and the Catholic Guy), Jeremy Stanbary (Founder and ED of Epiphany Studio Productions) and Marshall -a radio host at Cities 97.

    Marshall actually does a tremendous job. He realizes our purpose of reaching out to non-Catholics and has a fantastic ability to bridge the gap of non-Catholic awareness and Catholic lingo. We’d have him back in a heartbeat. :-) Plus, he’s a faithful Catholic with appeal outside of the current Catholic community.

    The name, answering the reader above, was the brainchild of Mrs. Christy Bauman (then Ms. Christy Hoffman). We all loved it, of course!

    Thanks for the promo, Fr. Z.

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