Happy Potter meets… ?!?… Ludwig Ott?

His Hermeneuticalness tipped me to this and he receives a WDTPRS biretta tip in return: o{]:¬)


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  1. Q: Give an example of a two-word prayer to invoke the Holy Spirit.
    A: Expecto Patronum!


  2. So people would take DADA classes — Defense Against Damnation and Anathema?

  3. Jack Hughes says:

    Care of Magical creatures becomes watch out for that lying snake.

  4. Defense Against Progressivist Aims?

  5. KAS says:

    LOL, I liked this. Was there more to it or was this clip the entire thing?

  6. thymos says:

    I LOVE that book! I wish it didn’t suffer from the TAN book curse of cracked binding, coupled with ugly cover.

  7. Father, thank you for this! I kind of wished that there was more to it though including some heated debates between Ott and others who do not agree with some Catholic teachings.

    As for the book itself, I find it be one of the best compendiums of Catholic theology. If there were three theology books that I could take with me to ad desert island I would take this, Denzinger, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church/Catechism of the Council of Trent.

  8. Melody says:

    This by the same person who did the Star Wars parody and iConfess ipod commercial spoof.

    Here’s a related video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzViOnmGA2w

    Do watch the other videos on his channel. They are amusing and thoughtful.

  9. donjohannes says:

    Thanks folks, for the kind reviews. “Melody” already beat me to it, but if you enjoy these kind of videos, you find them listed here:
    Most are in english, though I throw in a German one every now and then.

    If you are a german speaker, you might also enjoy this film project:

    In Christo,
    Fr. Johannes

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