May God…

… bless you.

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  1. dmwallace says:

    Merci beaucoup, Monsieur l’Abbé.

  2. Matthew in Vancouver says:

    Thanks Father! I remember once I visited the Benedictine monastery here in Mission, BC. At the end of the evening prayer and reflections, Father Abbot would give his blessing to everyone with the sprinkling of Holy Water. It’s always nice to get a blessing before bed!

  3. Mary G says:

    Thank you Father, and may God bless you today and always.

  4. Sieber says:

    Who sneezed?

  5. Jack Hughes says:

    Dominus Vobiscum Padre

  6. Joan M says:

    And you, too, Father.

  7. MaryAgnesLamb says:

    Thank you, Father!

  8. Thank you, Father, may God Bless you as well!!!

  9. Kevin L says:

    Thank you Father, may God bless you too.

  10. Thomas G. says:

    Thanks, Father, I’ve never received a priest’s blessing via the Internet. Does that make it a ‘virtual’ blessing? :)

  11. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Thank you Father.

    [I remember my mother admonishing me in my youth when I returned a priest’s ‘God bless you’ with “you too”. Apparently the unconsecrated aren’t supposed to bless back, its impertinent. This sounds right to me. What do you think?]

  12. r.j.sciurus says:

    Thank you, Father.

  13. chironomo says:

    Thank You! A blessing is appropriate right now as we begin an important liturgical initiative at our parish this next week! An uphill climb to be sure, but well worth it for the view at the top!

  14. Rose in NE says:

    Thank you Father.

  15. Dr. Eric says:

    I’ve also heard that only the priest can bless, therefore I will say thanks and continue to pray for you and ask the Lord to continually bless you and your ministry.

  16. Ceile De says:

    Pater, habeo gratias.

  17. Lori Ehrman says:

    Thank you Father. In Texas they say, Bless your pea pickin heart! Let the word heart roll off your tongue for about 3 seconds.

  18. dimsum says:

    Thank you, gracias, xie-xie nin, Father

  19. JohnE says:

    Sounds like the short simple emails my mom sends from time to time, which I try to never shrug off.
    Thank you Father, may God bless you too.

  20. irishgirl says:

    And may He bless you too, Father Z!

    We love you and all our good priests!

  21. Ellen says:

    Thank you Father. I cherish every priestly blessing I get.

  22. The Digital MC says:

    Thank you, Father.

  23. medievalist says:

    May He also keep, guard, and protect you Reverend Father, especially during this Year for Priests.

  24. rimo1946 says:

    Benedicat te omnipotens Deus

  25. JohnW says:

    Thank you Father. When I was a altar boy my saintly pastor would give us a special blessing after Mass. My two boys were never as blessed. I wish I could remember the words,it was different. Thank you Father for being a Priest and all you do for our holy mother the church.

  26. Henry Edwards says:

    JohnW: When I was a altar boy my saintly pastor would give us a special blessing after Mass.

    I believe it’s still true to this day, that after every TLM, immediately after processing from the altar into the sacristry, the altar boys kneel for the priest’s blessing.

  27. Charivari Rob says:

    Thank you.

  28. Torpedo1 says:

    thank you Father. It was just the little boost I needed today. You’re always in my prayers, as are all the great priests I know. We love you all. No Priest, no sacraments, thank you.

  29. Bernie says:

    I’ve been at Masses where the priest, in response to “and also with you”, would add “thank you!” to which –not to be outdone– I’ve always wanted to shout out, “You’re welcome”
    Anyway, thank you (or “back at you!)

  30. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Thank you, Father. I pray that you and your good works continue to enrich our days.

  31. Thank you, Fr. Z, and may God bless you as well!

  32. Tewkes says:

    Thank you, Father. A blessing is always welcome!

  33. Jayna says:

    Thank you, Father. I certainly need it at the moment.

  34. mrsmontoya says:


  35. Eric says:

    Thank You Father, God Bless You Too.

  36. Well, thank you, Father! I needed this today!

    May God bless you and be with you also!

  37. Sacristymaiden says:

    Thank you Father.

  38. …and you, Father and God bless all here.

  39. SophiaGrace says:

    Thank you, Father.

  40. Al says:

    Thank you Father very much

    For the protection from the Evil One – St Michael the Arch Angel……Pray for us
    For wisdom, patience and spiritual vigilance of Fathers everywhere – St Joseph…..Pray for us
    For the caring, loving, and nurturing natures of Mothers everywhere – St Mary, Mother of God….Pray for us

  41. Agnes says:

    Yeah yeah. You too.


  42. Eugenia says:

    ??????? ???????. ??? ?????, ????!

  43. Eugenia says:

    It doesn’t like cyrillic…
    Bol’shoe spasibo, Was takzhe, otec!

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