The Feeder Feed and Thanks

I am pleased to report that donations allowed me to get my camera cleaned!  Therefore, here is a report from the feeder.

For some reason I have not seen Cardinals at the feeder except for the rare bird.  Today I was delighted to see both Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal!

Here is a very jaunty Missus.

Mister stands out against the still green grass.

This is European Starling in its winter plumage.  I hope he will be moving along soon.

I was surprised at how big it is.

In the meantime, the Chickadees are in charge.


since I have been on the road for a while, I want also to thank the kind souls who sent things from my amazon wish list.

MA sent a volume of English translations of Sermons of St. Augustine.  Very helpful!

LR of CA sent Spies in the Vatican: The Soviet Union’s Way Against the Catholic Church by John Koehler, as well as God is No Delusion: A Refutation of Richard Dawkins by Thomas Crean.

I was also very pleased to receive the English translation of Antonio Socci’s book The Fourth Secret of Fatima

These gestures of kindness, as well as the donations, lift my spirits, especially on tough days.  They keep me coming back to the keyboard.  

I always remember to pray for benefactors – which is what I consider you to be – at the Lord’s altar.  

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  1. Ttony says:

    It has the body of a starling, but something else’s head.

  2. wanda says:

    Hello Fr. Z., That is indeed a starling. They are glossy black in summer and then their feathers change into this speckled arrangement. Not sure why. Their behavior in bird manners is much like a bull in a china shop. Every bird for him/herself.

  3. irishgirl says:

    Great birdie pics as usual, Father Z!

    That male ’eminence’ looks pretty ticked off, from the looks of his crest! Lady ’eminence’ is real pretty!

    Chickadee looks as if he/she’s saying, ‘You lookin’ at ME?’ [Think Robert DiNiro]

    Ah, starlings-a noisy and messy bird. But when their black feathers shine in the sunlight, they’re positively lovely!

  4. wanda says:

    We starlings love the suet!

  5. The only thing that makes we wonder, is that this motley bird is pretty big.

  6. Ferde Rombola says:

    It’s a starling all right. Every year about this time they descend in a flock to gorge on the berries in our dogwood tree. Some years they strip the tree in an hour. Not my favorite bird.

  7. wanda says:

    Starlings are bigger than most of your song birds, a least Robin-sized. They flock together with Grackles and descend en masse to flip through leaves that have fallen looking for I think bugs, they are not seed eaters. Among the massive flocks that descend, if you’re lucky, you will see a few Red-winged Blackbirds, beauties. Do you have a field guide on Birds, Father? How about adding one to your wish-list? Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

  8. This European Starling (in winter plumage) is actually much than a robin. That is rather what threw me. I didn’t realize that starlings got this big.

  9. RichR says:

    I asked for the Spies in the Vatican for my birthday based on your recommendation, Fr.Z. It’s been okay, but it seems pretty dry reading. Very analytical. I guess I was expecting more of a “spy novel” approach with some drama.

    Bottom line: you may find that this is not bedtime reading. [Unless… you read in order to sleep?]

  10. BLC says:

    Glad you received it, Father, and hope you enjoy it!

  11. Emily Lowe says:

    That Spies in the Vatican book sounds like something I’d be interesting in reading! I think I’ll check into that if I remember!

  12. Tom Ryan says:

    Socci’s book is interesting but reads like a translation…

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