The Feeder… Stream

Some activity at the feeder.
Watching the live stream these days you will often see the hummingbird feeder.  

But you will sometimes see an unusual visitor.

And then there is the usual visitor.


In the meantime, this little guy just decided to hang out and look into the cam for a while.

After about 5 minutes I did a screen capture.

There is Z-Chat in a chatroom from time to time.  I send out Tweets about when it is open via Twitter.  (Latin pipata, or "tweets" from pipio "to twitter, chirp")

Open as a pop up.

These critters are hungry.  Will you help feed them?  It’s just "tuppence a bag…"

Well… far more than tuppence, actually.

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  1. wanda says:

    Well, good morning, birdz! How surprising to see the oriole (Mrs.?) come to the feeder at your window. Does her beak fit into the little ports? I wonder what the hummingbird had to say about it?

    And the last little one, grossbeak?, is so cute. I wonder if it could see itself reflected in something?

    Thank you for the lift this morning, Father.

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