“CPA in the Spring, CDF in the Fall.”

I picked this up from the Catholic Key the blog of the newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

My emphases.

The Next Theologian to be Censured by the Church will be . . .

. . .announced at 6 pm, June 24 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel. That is when the Catholic Press Association will hold its Annual Awards Banquet at which the First Place Book Award for Theology will announced. Winning the CPA book award in Theology has coincided so often with subsequent investigation by the U.S. Bishops’ Doctrine Committee or the Vatican, that another editor friend of mine once quipped, “CPA in the Spring, CDF in the Fall.

When @NCRonline tweeted last week:

U.S. bishops blast book by feminist theologian; Elizabeth Johnson’s Quest for Living God “undermines Gospel” http://ow.ly/4pQW2

Before I even clicked through to the story, and knowing nothing about Elizabeth Johnson, I suspected two things about her. First, her book probably won a CPA Theology award, and most likely, she is a former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America. Sure enough, both are true.


The U.S. Bishops’ Doctrine Committee made quicker work of CPA’s 2009 First Place winner in Theology, The Sexual Person: Toward a Renewed Catholic Anthropology, by Todd A. Salzman & Michael G. Lawler.


Another CPA First Place Theology winner was Jesus Symbol of God by Roger Haight, SJ. The book was so rife with error in regard to the divinity of Jesus, his resurrection and his position as savior, that a 2004 Vatican notification on the book, personally approved by Pope John Paul II, prohibited the Jesuit (and CTSA past-president) from teaching Catholic theology.

There are more, but lets move to another CPA award category that has become just as predictable and dubious. On June 24, National Catholic Reporter will win the CPA award for Best National Catholic Newspaper. If they don’t, it’ll be the first time somebody else has won in 12 years.


And there’s more!

Be sure to go over to the Catholic Key and read the rest.

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  1. The “best Catholic newspaper” category must always have been flawed. Obviously, most voters would only know their own diocesan newspaper, and/or a national Catholic newspaper. So either whatever diocese included the most voters would always win, or the national Catholic newspaper would always win. So why even have the category?

  2. bookworm says:

    Suburbanbanshee, you’re absolutely right. I used to work for a diocesan paper and attended several CPA conventions. National Catholic Reporter almost always won its category, although Our Sunday Visitor and occasionally National Catholic Register (in its pre-Legionnaries era) sometimes gave it a run for its money.

  3. Nancy D. says:

    With all due respect, the fact that there is no mandatum, no imprimatur, and no discipline for those who deny The Deposit of Faith, leads me to believe that The Committee on The Doctrine of Faith does not and has not taken their vocation seriously.
    http://www.commonwealmagazine.org/beyond-utterance-O (see paragraph 6 in regards to the new Hindu-Catholic rite)
    http://www.catholicnewsindia.com/2010/02/09/indias-first-priests-congress-opened/ (see where Cardinal Claudia Hummes lights a kutha vilakku to open congress in the year of the priest)

  4. Nancy D. says:

    Sorry, Father, that should read :
    and let me add this:

    [I prefer that people embed links, instead of just pasting them into comments. This is rather like… littering.]

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