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New art from Daniel Mitsui: Our Lady of Walsingham!

The Catholic sacred artist Daniel Mitsui sent me a beautiful rendering of Our Lady of Walsingham. The 7″ x 10″ print is ready for ordering HERE. Those saint in the corners are Catherine of Alexandria, Margaret of Antioch and Lawrence … Read More

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Two birds with one stone

Some Monday morning humor.  I did know about Dixon Diaz, but he’s got some game:

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FLASH! Pope Francis speaks kindly about priests!

During his daily off-the-cuff, non-magisterial sermonette today, Pope Francis spoke about priests. And he didn’t bash them! In fact, as a refreshing change of pace today, he said some good things about priests. […] “On the contrary, it is impossible … Read More

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Irish Redemptorist Fr. Tony Flannery takes a hike

You may remember the strange tales of Irish Redemptorist (not-quite-former-yet) Fr. Tony Flannery, founder of the Ass. of Catholic Priests. Here is some news for the Fishwrappers and their fellow travelers. Take note of this piece in The Irish Times about … Read More

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From the Northern to the Southern Cross

From APOD: Go there for the explanation.  I think you can click on the image above for a larger version.  Then go buy some coffee and enjoy their whole archive.  

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