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Benedict XVI “defrocked” 384 clerics in 2 years. Liberal praise to follow…. maybe?

According to AP, and this was also clarified by the papal spokesman Fr. Lombardi, Pope Benedict XVI “defrocked” almost 400 priests for the crime of sexual abuse of children – in a little more than 2 years. We are talking … Read More

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Pres. Obama declared 16 January “Religious Freedom Day”?!?

I saw at the blog of Syte Reitz in an entry labelled “The Deceiver” that – I am not making this up – Pres. Obama had declared Thursday 16 January to be “Religious Freedom Day”. Religious Freedom Day? It takes some … Read More

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St. Anthony and the blessings of horses and pigs

Speaking of pigs, once upon a time in Velletri, the main city of of the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni, at the Church of St. Anthony the Abbot, I did on this day outside the homonymous church stand in cassock, surplice, … Read More

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Dear, NSR… Between a rock and a hard place, are you?

I have been thinking about the meltdown the editors and staff of the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) must be having, as they gathered at their water cooler this week. Michael Sean Winters dropped that the writers were gathering in … Read More

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You just can’t make up this stuff!

I saw something over at Fishwrap by Jamie Manson, whose credentials are only too-well-known. Bear with me for a moment.   In order to get my point across I have to repost something I offered in 2012.  Enjoy and then … Read More

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March for Life 2014?

Are any of you going to Washington DC for the March for Life?

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The Feeder Feed: Of cardinals and pigs and … grilling….

A reader asked about “Ray”.  “Ray” is every Cardinal (the member of the finch family) who has occasionally appeared on these electronic pages. Since I moved from the Sabine Farm to the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue, I have not … Read More

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