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NY Common Core sends students to sex quiz page

For all you supports of The First Gay President’s administration and for all of those Catholic entities out there who have bought into Common Core, from Breitbart: NEW YORK COMMON CORE WEBSITE SENT STUDENTS TO SEX QUIZ PAGE *The following … Read More

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Airsoft Altar Boys

From a reader: Howdy from the heart of Texas Fr. Z! We decided to get our Altar Boy group together to play airsoft (military simulation that fires plastic pellets) at a local airsoft field. This is why we’re referred to … Read More

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GUEST POST: Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Grand Rapids, MI

From a reader: Thank you for your blog, your collect translations, and your devotion to the Tridentine Rite. I pray for you every night before bed, please pray for me. I wanted to pass along some information about this wonderful … Read More

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¡Vaya lío! Flash ‘Mass Mobs’ help struggling parishes.

From the Buffalo News: ‘Mass Mob’ breathes life into Catholic church [Nice of them to demote the Church to ‘church’, no?] Sam Kolodziej Jr. had a few more people than normal in his pew on Sunday morning. In fact, there … Read More

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