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MSNBC attacks Little Sisters of the Poor as if they were the Sopranos

Via a friend who tipped me to LifeNews, I learned that the hysterico-liberal MSNBC – who feature racist bigots on their network – have this to say about the Little Sisters of the Poor. Monday’s NOW with Alex Wagner on MSNBC started … Read More

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My future job opportunity!

Now that John L. Allen, Jr. is going to leave the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap), there is going to be a big hole to fill there. Nature… vacuum… get it? Wither Fishwrap? Without JAL to keep them on the … Read More

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Jamie Stiehm the anti-Catholic bigot columnist v. Justice Sotomayor, Little Sisters, Bishops… Catholics…

US News and Word Report went off the deep end long ago.  But this is a new low.  They picked up a syndicated Creators Syndicate column by anti-Catholic bigot Jamie Steihm. They posted a piece which is amazing in the sheer … Read More

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A reflection on “pastoral liturgy”

A pioneer of the Catholic blogosphere, Amy Welborn, popular before I came onto the stage, has on her site a comment or three about a Mass she experienced. Here is the part I found most interesting.  My emphases: When I … Read More

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The HORROR! Fr Z’s recurring nightmare… thanks to a reader’s gift.

Once upon a time I wrote here about the book I hate more than any other book… ehvur. Today I opened up a package to find that one of you readers… you wags you… send me a copy of the … Read More

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Your Special Events (Masses… Walk For Life…)

Lately many people have written by email saying “Father! Advertise this!  Father! Advertise that!” I can’t do that. However: here is a place where you can post your news of events, such as Masses coming up. Have at.

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Drought in California? ¡Vaya lío! Revive the Oratio Imperata, traditional public Processions

At Catholic Vote I saw an entry about how the bishops of California are praying for rain. It’s pretty dry out out there on the Left Coast. SACRAMENTO Catholic bishops called for divine intervention Tuesday as California endures what appears … Read More

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D. Trenton: Guardians of the Altar

Watch the libs have a spittle-flecked nutty about this one! I see that at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Trenton, where Bp. David O’Connell reigns, there is a group called the “Guardians of the Altar”.  This, according to the … Read More

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