Blog travails continue – 404 page

I don’t know whether this came from an attack or if something is a little wonky with the database, but a couple times now people have found when clicking on links to posts or comments that they are directed to a 404 page.

Sorry about that.  As it turns out the fix is pretty easy.  However, it seems that the problem started just minutes after I shut down my computer for the evening.

A perfect example of Zuhlsdorf’s Law.

So, I believe the problem is, for now, fixed.  Hopefully we can trace down what caused it.


BTW… as part of this process of tidying and shoring up, I’d like to be able to loosen up the strictures I’ve placed on the combox… gradually. It would be nice to have more comments. But… everyone would have to be charged with thoughtful good behavior. Otherwise, we soon would have the kind of slimy vermin-infested fever swamp of uncharitablness that plagues NCR (aka Fishwrap), Crux, et alibi.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I was hitting nothing but 404 errors last night, and at least on my computer, it’s fixed now. Thank you!!!

  2. eulogos says:

    I was getting the 404 error. I even got it when I clicked to get your email. I was afraid I somehow got banned.

    [No, it wasn’t a ban. However, because of the number of attacks on the blog, I have raised the drawbridge, boiled the oil and filled the moat with alligators. If you have three bad attempts to log in right now, you’ll probably be locked out automatically. So, be a little careful with your log in. If there is a problem, I can whitelist people who get locked out due to butterfingers, etc. The real targets are the vile spammers, who risk burning in the deepest cinders of Hell.]

  3. SKAY says:

    I also was sent to the 404 page earlier this morning when I clicked on comments or tried to go to
    other places on the blog. So glad it is fixed, Father. I was afraid someone had gotten across the mote and dodged the boiling oil.

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