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ASK FATHER: I work on Sunday. Can I go to Mass on another day?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Never dreamed I’d be asking this, but I suppose I had better: Due to my current job or the job that I’m hoping to take soon, getting to Mass on Sunday can be difficult. If I’m … Read More

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Interesting job opportunity with Benedictines of Norcia

The marvelous monks of Norcia, Italy, have a job opening for a Director of Communications. Wow. It’s a new era of the world when a monastery needs a director of communications. Once upon a time, monks reached out to the … Read More

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One White House reaction to Laudato si’

I had posted a link to 11 things that you won’t see reported in the MSM about the new encyclical Laudato si‘. Now we have a video clip of White House spokesman Josh Ernest saying that he hadn’t seen the pro-life … Read More

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More from the Religion of Peace

ISIS has a new thing they are doing. They put men in a cage and lower them into water a few times until they drown. Of course they have underwater cameras.   They also put them in a car and … Read More

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The greatest man born of woman

Today is the Feast of the one whom the Lord called the greatest man ever born of woman. Here is his entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum: Sollemnitas Nativitatis sancti Ioannis Baptistae, Praecursoris Domini, qui iam in utero matris, Spiritu … Read More

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