Interesting job opportunity with Benedictines of Norcia

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The marvelous monks of Norcia, Italy, have a job opening for a Director of Communications.

Wow. It’s a new era of the world when a monastery needs a director of communications. Once upon a time, monks reached out to the world through their scriptoria. Now they reach out to the world through best-selling chant CDs and websites.

I suppose this role will help the monks stay focused on what they really need to do: “ora et labora” is, after all, their thing.

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  1. Moro says:

    Sounds like a job for a Jesuit burnt out from teaching at a business school.

  2. Hidden One says:

    Do the Benedictines of Norcia have any affiliated oblates? It would probably make sense for such a person to have a spiritual connection to St. Benedict’s monks.

  3. cathgrl says:

    Hidden One, according to this newsletter, they do. Page 3.

  4. Moral_Hazard says:

    The monks of Norcia are awesome. Hope they find someone good for this position. I’ll happily set up an import company to distribute their beer in the USA. Only take 5% of the profits. Though, who’s to say I won’t drink all the product. :)

  5. Supertradmum says:

    One must have expertise in Italian and English, as well as 6-8 years experience working with religious groups, and graphic arts skills. I have been looking for work in the EU for six years and have not been able to get a group to sponsor me on the other side of the pond. I wonder if Norcia has more influence than most religious groups, who cannot get permission for Americans to work abroad? Very interesting. God bless their search

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