More from the Religion of Peace

ISIS has a new thing they are doing.

They put men in a cage and lower them into water a few times until they drown.

Of course they have underwater cameras.



They also put them in a car and then blow it up.



The Religion of Peace, ladies and gentlemen.

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.

St. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.

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  1. Moral_Hazard says:

    The men in that cage and in that car most likely belong to the same religion and probably prayed to Allah before their demise. The pictures alone are evidence of the barbarity of ISIS without resorting to some stupid throwaway line used by President Bush right after 9-11, which tars ISIS’ victims with the same broad brush.

  2. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    I will debate anyone, day or night, Muslim or non-muslin, that what isis is doing is 100% what muhammad did, and that they are 100% islamic. They are following the quran, the hadith, and the sira to the letter, and using the correct interpret ion of islamic texts and jurisprudence.

    muhammed was a mass-murderer, a pedophile, a torturer, a misogynist, a rapist, and an all-around bad guy. Only two kinds of people follow him: Those who are complete and total fools, and those who are completely evil.

  3. Back pew sitter says:

    There is much about Isis to object to, and also much about Islam to object to.

    It doesn’t seem to me, though, that a satisfactory case against the ‘religion of peace’ can be made by showing such images.

    Have not Christians – followers of the true Prince of Peace – not been actively involved in carrying out gruesome capital punishments, barbaric wars, pillages, rapes and acts of paedophilia? Do they, by their acts, represent Christianity?

    Isis is not Islam any more than the Irish Republican Army was Catholicism.

  4. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Back pew sitter,

    All atrocities committed by Christians were committed in contradiction to the teachings of Jesus.

    The difference is that in islam, those kinds of atrocities are allowed by virtue of the behavior of its founder muhammed. He tortured, raped, waged aggressive jihad, was a pedophile, and he left standing orders for his followers to do the same.

    isis has done NOTHING that is in contradiction to the example set by muhammed.

  5. MarkJ says:

    @Back Pew Sitter:
    The big difference is that Muhammed approved of and did all that ISIS is doing and more, and his true followers imitate his example. Jesus and all Christians who truly imitate Him are quite the opposite. There is no comparison. Christianity is the True religion of Peace. Islam is the religion of war and conquest, always has been, always will be. Ask the founder…

  6. stilicho says:

    Beats being burned to death, I guess.

  7. jaykay says:

    Back pew sitter: YoungLatinMassGuy and MarkJ have pretty much put it in context. I think your analogy of the IRA is a bit flawed, though. They never claimed to represent Catholicism (or indeed Catholics) specifically. They were/are, in fact, politically very left wing and thus they took the “republican” bit in IRA very seriously, or at least they fancied themselves as doing so in their fantasy of being a “liberation army” – albeit they actually were/are a bunch of murdering criminals (sorry, couldn’t resist that but I dislike them intensely – and yes, I’m Irish). ISIS, on the other hand, do claim to represent Islam.

  8. NBW says:

    Satan is there with them taking delight. Satan will drag the members of Isis down with him, pray for their conversion.

  9. MarkJ says:

    Our Lady has offered us the weapon of choice for the defeat and conversion of Muslims, and it is none other than the Most Hily Rosary. Let us respond generously to her constant call to pray the Rosary daily and to do penance for the conversion of souls. Queen of Peace, pray for us and for the conversion of all souls to Christ.

  10. MarkJ says:

    Sorry, Most Holy Rosary

  11. EFOF91 says:

    May the Armenian Martyrs and all Martyr saints intercede for us! There will be a Prayer Vigil Rally for Our Persecuted Brethren Christians and Minorities in Manhattan New York City on Fridays June 26, July 24 and August 28: 6PM Mass at Holy Innocents Church 37th street and Broadway; Procession and prayers in Herald Square 34th street and Broadway and Times Square 44th street and Broadway

  12. Roguejim says:

    I’m told they worship the same God as us. Really?

  13. aviva meriam says:

    Fr. Z: you forgot to include the final set of heinous images from that latest ISIS release…. the lining up of bound men on the ground, wrapping explosive cording around their necks and executing them by decapitation (exploding the cords).

    This is a culture that delights in and exploits death and destruction. They believe (and are attempting to persuade other Muslims) that they are Islamic….

    WE cannot battle this evil by appeasement or neglect… we must acknowledge the evil in front of us (and it IS evil to murder, rape, whip, enslave, and torture other human beings).

  14. Moral_Hazard says:


    Whatever the faults of Mohammed (and there are plenty), the idea that the only Muslims are “those who are complete and total fools, and those who are completely evil” is false. Many, many people are born into a faith and taught that faith from infancy and have no reason to question it and live in a sociopolitical system where it is disadvantageous, or even dangerous, to do so. It won’t easily google, but there are instances of Muslims in Iraq helping Christians or Yazidis at great personal peril.

    I’ve lived in a Muslim country twice and on one occasion met secret converts to Christianity. In my opinion, their faith is heroic, their risking imprisonment or death to convert away from Islam is sheer heroism. Many people just don’t have that kind of courage; it doesn’t mean they are complete fools or completely evil.

  15. danielinnola says:

    Meanwhile today the leaders of my fair City call for the dismantling of statues dedicated to the Heroes and leaders of a failed Political experiment. All the while the true enemy is knocking at the gates… People in this country need to wake up. These ISIS clowns are savages, barbarians, bent on nothing more than the complete overthrow of western civilization.

  16. Imrahil says:

    I’m told they worship the same God as us.

    As did the Protestants who, at times, hanged, draw and quartered people for the reason of being Catholic.

    Note that “worshipping the same God” is no feel-good formula for “being in general overall agreement, with the possible exception of technical and practically unimportant points”. It is a precise statement about whom do they worship.

    It even seems that, say, a Buddhist or a Hindu, precisely because he does not worship the same God as we do, can never be drawn into that same amount of organized and fierce anti-Christianity as can a Muslim (though I’m not repeating the fable that far-east religions would be always non-violent).

    Sham love ends in compromise and common philosophy; but real love has always ended in bloodshed. (Chesterton)

  17. juergensen says:

    The religion of Satan is beheading, raping, drowning, crucifying, and burning its way toward Rome, meanwhile the German bishops obsess over adulterers and sodomites.

  18. They aren’t going to come up with a new way to kill people. I think the martyrs have already suffered every conceivable torture over the centuries.

  19. discens says:

    We should not be misled by the media reports about ISIS. There is nothing Islamic about them, and they have been roundly condemned by Muslims, as notably by Muslims in Iraq and Iran. Moreover there is reason to think ISIS was invented and is controlled by Western intelligence agencies and is supplied with weapons by the same agencies (some British helicopters ferrying arms to ISIS were shot down by Iraqis a month or so ago). The aim seems to be to trick naive recruits into fighting the West’s so far failed war to overthrow Assad in Syria, and to put Islam into a bad light at the same time so that the Western powers can keep using militant Islam as the bogey to frighten their peoples into servile obedience. Note further that some of the videos of beheadings and burnings and the like seem to be fake and to have been filmed with actors in studios. The movie industry, as we know, is expert at portraying terrible deaths where no one really dies. Don’t buy into the West’s propaganda. We know our politicians and our media bosses and the talking heads on TV tell lies and are shameless about it (sometimes even when they are caught out).

  20. frado says:

    Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him? I know if he was in the Oval Office these monsters would have been eradicated a long time ago.

    Queen of the most Holy Rosary pray for us!

  21. AvantiBev says:

    I used to believe that Catholics in Germany, Holland, France, Poland, etc could not possibly have known during WWII about the death camps. But reading the “holier than thou” Catholic commenters on so many Catholic sites twist into pretzels to exonerate or even extol Islam, I now understand how many Catholics are happily wearing their blinders and rosey glasses. We are even a more culpable generation because we have the web. We won’t be able to tell the Lord we didn’t know.

  22. SanSan says:

    ISIS is a barbaric evil entity of Satan. Pray for the souls of those who succumb to their horrific executions. Queen of the most Holy Rosary pray for us!

  23. Yet even after these 2015 atrocities, Obama attends a Ramadan breakfast completely keeping his lip tight. Whereas at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama sneers at Christians bringing up centuries old events, calling them atrocities, and justifying these rash out of place statements by adding: “lest we get on our high horse.” Obama has much to answer for with his prominent political position in light of the events unfolding right under his nose today.

  24. Matthew says:

    I’m sure Obama will send them a stern letter.

  25. Kerry says:

    Whether mass murder on free-for-view is Lam or is not Lam, those doing the murdering believe it is. (Similarly, the Bushido code was badly twisted by the Japanese militarists. It, for one thing, specified humane treatment of the captured. Perhaps someone might go back in time, point out the incorrect understanding, and avert the entire Pacific war, eh?) And, as Ralph Peters has said more than once, the killers are getting the most tremendous, almost sexual thrill from all the bloodletting.

  26. Imrahil says:

    Note also that the fact that Muslims, who after all as most people in the world are generally fine fellows somewhere in their heart, are shocked by shocking deeds, and have condemned them, does not mean the deeds in question actually are unislamic.

    Whatever to this particular question, Islam itself (i. e. the Koran) contains enough of commandments of violence and of suppression of Christians*, whatever Muslims say. (And yes, all that although they worship the same God.)

    *Though the fact that Islam is going to set up regime dominated by what is considered the true religion is not in itself problematic, as secularists sometimes hold (and also those who think it’s a fine thing to copy anything secularist as long as it’s anti-Islam).

    So are we.

    Only our religion is true while theirs isn’t; and also we only expand by means allowed in natural law (which in almost all cases includes: only by means allowed in positive law), and by civilized means. But if we have, e. g., achieved that we can fine, and perhaps put to jail, someone who works on the Sunday, then we are jolly well going to do that.

    Nor is it problematic that “Islam comes with strict rules of interpretation which leave no room for free-discussion of what the Koran means”, i. e. with no room to get the desired result in any case by interpretating-around.

    So does Catholicism. (Well, in settled matters)

    It is problematic what Islam says, not the fact that Islam says anything at all (for just uttering well-sounding phrases that can be interpreted to mean anything or nothing, at the whim of the democratic holders of power, is not really saying anything).

  27. discens says:

    A question to SanSan and others. What would you say about Talmudists? Just curious.

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