POLL: Did you see Rose vestments on “Gaudete” Sunday 2016?

Here is a little poll for your 3rd Sunday of Advent, Gaudete.

Please choose an answer and add a comment in the combox.

Anyone can vote, but only registered members can comment.

For my Roman Rite 2016 'Gaudete' Sunday Mass of Obligation I saw vestments of

  • Rose/Pink (78%, 1,792 Votes)
  • Purple/Violet (19%, 429 Votes)
  • Blue (1%, 32 Votes)
  • Other (1%, 24 Votes)
  • White (1%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,298

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Here are the new rose vestments in action. The cope is used for the Asperges.  Lots of people were late today because of the simply dreadful weather, winter storm. The Asperges was a little thin, but more arrived along the way.

16_12_11_rose_vestments_01 16_12_11_rose_vestments_02


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  1. Zephyrinus says:

    BLUE Vestments, Fr ???

    in Domino.

  2. DanD. says:

    Abbot Barnabas said that the church didn’t have one, and he doubted he would look good in rose!

  3. Grant M says:

    Violet vestments and the priest lit three violet candles on the Advent wreath, clearly reserving the rose candle for the Sunday before Christmas. But anything that strikes me as unusual in the OF I simply ascribe to the Indonesian rite, and that helps me go with the flow. I suppose in the absence of the traditional EF Gaudete Mass they can light the rose candle when they like.

  4. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    Saw Pinkish-Rose vestments and Father mentioned it was Gaudete Sunday during the homily.

  5. Sliwka says:

    Rose, at Ordinariate Divine Worship Vigil at a local residence blessed with the facilities for a chapel (it is a former hospital and convent for the Sister Servents of Mary Immaculate.

    That was my first Ordinriate Mass and though it was small (8 in the pews, 4 of which were the residents) and my 3 year old stupor mundi was trying my patience it was alright. Definitely see it’s value in the Church.

  6. Austin says:

    A particularly nasty shade of bubblegum pink, and artificial fabric of no merit. But effort was made.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    I always see rose (pink) on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays. The only time I did not was because the celebrant said, “I don’t wear pink”.

  8. Precentrix says:

    Violet. A little country church here (nearly said parish but the parish is multiple churches, don’t ask) and rose vestments for twice a year are expensive. On the other hand, we should have bonus points for amices and a deacon who always wears the dalmatic.

  9. LDP says:

    The priest wore rose (pink) coloured vestments at our OF Mass today. Fr also mentioned ‘Gaudete’ Sunday during his sermon. I was actually rather surprised to see Fr in rose today as our church is small, modern and located in a rural setting; not, in other words, the kind of church in which one would expect to find rose coloured vestments.

  10. frjim4321 says:

    Violet vestments. Theme was “mission” since it was the Religious Retirement appeal. Homily was by a woman [No, it wasn’t.] religious from the large mother house in the parish. It was outstanding and gave the assembly a welcome break from yours truly. [No comment!     o{];¬)     ]

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  12. jaykay says:

    Rose, the new chasuble & stole acquired around 2012, gothic-style and subdued shade, definitely not “pink”. At the opening, Father alluded briefly to the reason for the colour, plus the rose candle in the wreath, and to “Gaudete semper…”.

  13. capchoirgirl says:

    Rose! Really beautiful rose vestments, too–high quality. (We also have black for All Souls’ Day!) Rose candle on the wreath, rose veil across the tabernacle, etc.

  14. Rose here; but no Rose dalmatic for the deacon, so he wore purple.

    Our Rose vestment is well made and in good shape, but alas, looks a little…you know. Before Mass last night, a parishioner, with a lilt in his voice and a friendly smirk said, “lovely pink, Father!”

    “It’s manly rose,” I replied.

  15. Joe in Canada says:

    I’ve heard there are two different shades of violet, one for Advent and one for Lent. Are (were) there different shades of rose?

  16. Sandy says:

    It was definitely pink, not rose! I didn’t think that was allowed, but hey, these days who knows what we’ll see and hear! At least Father mentioned Gaudete Sunday, but didn’t elaborate very much.

  17. rtrainque says:

    Violet was the color of the day at the N.O. this morning. Msgr. acknowledged the option of wearing “pink” and said that although the parish has a set you’ll never see him wearing it because “this isn’t Legally Blonde, it’s Mass” (to the approving laughter of the congregation). I know for a fact that I’ll see a fine set of rose vestments at the TLM later on today. Pretty clear why I begrudgingly attend one and eagerly attend and serve at the other.

  18. Imrahil says:

    I voted “violet” because the vestments yesterday evening were violet.

    About those today… well, they may have been a shade more reddish, and certainly had a very large gold embroidery on the priest’s back which I don’t think is the usual violet vestment used there. Maybe this is what they have for a “rose vestment”. It was no real rose or pink, in any case. Which was a pity, especially given it was a TLM.

  19. frival says:

    For the first time in my life I saw rose vestments for Gaudete Sunday. The music was spectacular, there were mantillas everywhere. Given the horrible last couple of weeks I’ve had it was a very necessary respite, a small but crucial glimpse that not all is lost no matter how penitential life seems to be. Praised be Jesus Christ!

  20. Mike says:

    Violet vestments. One supposes it’s possible the parish might think about acquiring a set of rose vestments next year if the school boiler doesn’t conk out as it did this year. (The good news is that St. Eligius, patron saint of engineers, came through on the boiler, whose repairs turned out to be far less costly than had been originally estimated.)

  21. oldconvert says:

    Pink. Definitely pink.

  22. rodrigow says:

    Our parish has a rose vestments set, but the visiting priest that celebrated today’s Solemn Mass chose to use purple. The parish priest customarily uses rose for Gaudete and Laetare.

  23. Pearl says:

    Can someone answer this question? What other color would possibly be used? Rose, Violet, Blue, White, Other?? 11 votes for other? I am very confused.

    But, at our parish we were able to see the lovely Roman set my friend made this past summer for the parish. So lovely! We were able to take a vestment making class with Sr. Mary John in Syracuse. The rose colored set was gorgeous. We have never had a matching set of rose at our parish. And, father had rose colored lace on his alb.

  24. Supertradmum says:

    Was supposedly a salmon colored NO vestment, but to be honest, looked liked “deep peach” which made me indicate on the poll, “other”…t’was horrid color.

  25. DEG says:

    Would violet dalmatic, tunicle, and humeral veil be incorrect in a parish which only had a rose chasuble and was “brick by brick” adding to its sets of vestments?

  26. Henry Edwards says:



    (Photos taken on a previous year’s Gaudete Sunday.)

  27. AmjdhA says:

    Novus Ordo Vigil Mass of Sunday celebrated on Saturday evening – Rose
    Extraordinary Form Sunday Mass celebrated on Sunday morning – Rose
    Deo Gratias! A rare rose double!

  28. majuscule says:

    At our Novus Ordo Mass Father had on beautiful rose pink Roman style chausable, complete with maniple.

    I knew he had worn rose before, so I searched through my photos and found a picture from a Laerte Sunday a few years ago. That chausable was different–more flowing. (I’m not sure what the style is called.). I like the one this year better.

    He had a matching burse and whatever the cloth covering it is called. Very nice!

  29. We had gold vestments today. But… it’s not Gaudete Sunday in the Russian Church, so we weren’t expecting rose!

  30. Joe in Canada says:

    I’ve heard there are two different shades of violet, one for Advent and one for Lent. Are (were) there different shades of rose?

    There are different shades for Lent and Advent in parishes that can afford that sort of thing. But if not, then…not.

  31. KatieL56 says:

    Dark blue and with an iridescent rainbow stole. I kid you not. BTW, our recessional for Advent is that 70s standard “Day by Day” (complete with drums, guitars, tambourine, AND maracas. )

  32. rhhenry says:

    Pink chasuble on priest, pink stole (no dalmatic) on (transitional) deacon.

    Made me smile, because the deacon was obviously wearing a priest’s stole — it had the “mitred” triangular seam at the top/back. But he wore it properly, over his left shoulder and pinned at his right hip. It reminded me of a recent Quaeritur here!

  33. Sconnius says:

    Father wore rose today. I wore a link shirt so that everyone could see that Father was indeed -not- wearing that color.

  34. In Washington, Pennsylvania, this morning, the priest and deacon both wore rose-colored vestments (he made a note that they are not pink). Later, I drove past a church in Crabtree, PA, and after Mass the priest was standing outside in rose-colored vestments.

  35. torch621 says:

    NO Mass. Violet chasuble with some sort of rose/pink sash like garment worn over the shoulders (though it could have been part of the chasuble).

  36. MaryW says:

    I checked other because the Mass was concelebrated with the pastor wearing a white chasuable with a long purple stole worn over it on the outside, and a visiting priest from Divine Word Ministries wore the more traditional rose vestment. The pastor gave the homily explaining the significance of Gaudete Sunday

    I have never been able to understand what motivates Catholic priests to boast and take pride in breaking Church rules/laws.

  37. Nan says:

    I’d gladly have taken Legally Blonde pink but instead we had green. Green vestments at the social justice church, just as easily from someone not paying attention or perhaps to show we care for the Earth? Mass is 10 min from home and I like the 7pm one.

    I prefer ordinary candles, three purple, one rose but this parish has special candles with three bands in the middle. The purple candles have a white band with rose on either side; the rose, white with purple on either side.

    @Fr Fox, I hope you wore your man-lace to go with manly rose. Did you know that in the early 1900s rose was the boy color and blue was for girls?

    @KatieL56, could’ve been tie-dye…

  38. Nan says:

    The previous Abp was run out of town but I was told long ago that one of his first acts was to audit the Cathedral’s Sacristy and evict rainbow chasubles and other things that may have seemed like a good idea to somebody but weren’t his idea of what a priest should wear.

  39. Nan says:

    MaryW, If you meant that by wearing a white chasuble and talking about the meaning of Guadette Sunday, Father was bragging about breaking the rules, I assume that there was one rose chasuble and the pastor had the visiting priest wear it. I doubt that most parishes are so well stocked that they have extra rose vestments; my local Cathedral doesn’t. They only have two Marian chasubles; white trimmed with blue. There are closets of red, white and green.

  40. Elizium23 says:

    Priests had rose vestments. One deacon had a rose dalmatic and stole. Drape cloths in sanctuary were rose. Many parishioners dressed in rose or violet.

    I am a choir member. We sang an Entrance Chant and then the Introit “Gaudete…”

    Our pastor gave catechesis in his homily about the significance of the rose color and the expectant joy of the week. He pointed out his vestments, the rose candle in our Advent Wreath, the parishioners who participated, and he joked that “even St. Philomena” is wearing rose today. We have a permanent statue of her in the sanctuary and she is painted with a rose dress. He correlated the Introit with the readings and said that they all have a common thread of joy.

  41. Stephanus83 says:

    I attended an ordinary form mass that was sung in Latin at the Cathedral in Vilnius, Lithuania. I have a new appreciation for how beautiful the ordinary form of the mass can be now. The Priest wore rose vestments.

  42. JonPatrick says:

    Majuscule, the cloth covering the chalice is the chalice veil. One of my takeaways from 12 years in the Episcopal Church was learning how to veil a chalice (chalice, purificator, paten, priest’s host, pall, chalice veil, corporal in burse on top). Unfortunately a lost art on most non-EF Catholic parishes.

    At Prince of Peace Parish in Lewiston ME, a very light shade of rose, alomost pink at the EF Mass. I got reports that the Saturday night OF also had rose but no report of what shade. Oh and by the way they still veil the chalice at PoP OF Masses, even at daily Mass.

  43. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    OF at the territorial parish in the morning was violet – I went there because I usually spend most of our regular Mass outside with the kiddo.

    EF at our regular parish in the evening was rose. We (finally) begin morning Masses next week in what will no longer be a borrowed church, thanks be to God! :)

  44. Matilda P says:

    OF: rose, Gothic-style.

    EF: a fuchsia chasuble on an elderly priest who reminded us how last year as a result of an inattentive young MC he ended up having to wear violet, so the pink is appreciated. But the cope and most of all the accompanying bits apart from the maniple were a lovely dusty rose, so I think it may be the case that out of the whole set, the chasuble alone needed to be replaced.

  45. jschicago says:

    The priest wore violet but mentioned Traditionalists like the priest to wear rose this Sunday. He said he announced at the Saturday vigil Mass that he would wear rose Sunday, but at the 11 am Mass announced he didn’t say which Sunday Mass he would wear rose. It turned out it was the 8 am Mass… not sure what to make of it.

  46. KAS says:

    Our priest wore a lighter rose vestment in a lovely color on color roundel pattern with crosses, and the trim was a deeper rose and gold thread pattern. Truly lovely vestments. Top it off, I think the homily was the best he has ever done. It was a great blessing!

  47. KatieL56 says:

    Nan, usually it isn’t iridescent (which actually, considering the pale Northern light here was not too blinding)–it is usually a very BRIGHT Rainbow stole. Still better than the local school football sweatshirt he wore at the beginning of one Mass to announce the school was going to be contending for a TITLE (loud applause) before he, in front of the altar with servers to left and right, pulled the chausable over his head and continued on with a prayer for the Earth etc.

    Now here is one priest (of course he is in his early 60s) who won’t scandalize those in the Vatican with attention to ‘traditional’ garb!

  48. Wiktor says:

    Then white (or was that gold?)
    Then rose.

    Violet and white/gold was for my daughter’s baptism :)

    And then the reading about John the Baptist. Nice coincidence.

  49. MouseTemplar says:

    The new pastor wore vestments the color of Tomato Soup. Perhaps that’s really the madder color Fr. Z mentioned?

  50. Nan says:

    KatieL56, Oy! That sounds very penitential, which is my description of Mass in certain places.

  51. Nan says:

    KatieL56, Oy! That sounds very penitential, which is my description of Mass in certain places. Praise God your priest won’t scandalize the Vatican by wearing man-lace! Is it bad that I can envision a cheese head hat?

  52. Joe in Canada says:

    KatieL56: of course we shouldn’t see the stole anyways at Mass, as it should be under the chasuble, not over it. The chasuble can cover a multitude of sins, including the alb I’ve worn in some parishes that pulls over my head and has a little metal snap in the front.

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