Happy 242nd Birthday, USMC!

Raising a glass.


Carrying this with me today…

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  1. Julia_Augusta says:

    Filipinos have never forgotten the US Marines who came to the Philippines to rescue the country from the barbarity of the Japanese occupation. When the Marines went ashore on Leyte island with General MacArthur in 1944, Filipinos knew that victory was at hand. But it took several months and many more atrocities on the part of the Japanese forces (the Battle of Manila was horrific, especially the cruelty of the Japanese Imperial Army against civilians!) before the US could liberate the Philippines. My grandfather was just a teen, when he fled into the mountains to fight with the Filipino resistance. He never forgot the sacrifices that the American soldiers made to liberate people so far away, so different from themselves. Many Americans, especially those born after WWII, don’t understand the depth of gratitude held by Asians who had been liberated by the Americans from Japanese occupation.

  2. Sword40 says:

    Happy Birthday to ALL my Marine brothers and sisters. We are a Marine family.
    Semper Fi, Fr. Z and thank you for mentioning it.

  3. My dad and two brothers were Marines, as well as my Spiritual Director. Semper Fi!

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    A raised canteen-cup to Fr. Z, all here, and all Leathernecks ashore and at sea. (“Leathernecks” is a little something for Fr. Z’s Aubrey/Maturin files, as a leather collar protected a Marine’s neck from a cutlass slash by a fiendish rogue back in the day).

    Mighty fine Camp Lejeune Challenge Coin. Trivia time: In the 1960s the correct “Luh-jern” pronunciation changed to “La-june.” In 2007 an effort began to return to the correct “Luh-jern.” 2007 was also the year of Summorum Pontificum. Coincidence? Nay, nay, I say.


    Nice touch with that local radio station adding a John Wayne photo.

    And if I could add, at this time of year the Marine Corps has a toy drive for kids, “Toys for Tots.” You might see collection boxes in malls and stores. Or one can call a nearby Marine Corps Reserve Center which coordinates this and ask for a box. If you do call, speak slowly, don’t use big words, and the scratching sound in the background is your local Marine putting crayon to paper.

    Here’s a spiffy commercial: “Toys for Tots – Guard Duty”


  5. Michael says:

    A good friend of mine, who is a devout Catholic, is a Marine. Please pray for him, his name is Paul.

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