For your “You can’t make this up!” file. Italian Bishops publish “Pachamama Prayer” in booklet

On my way back to these USA, I got wind via The Great Roman the story on an Italian site that the Italian Bishops had published, before the Synod, a prayer involving Pachamama, the S. American demon those nitwits prayed before during the Synod (“walking together”).

LifeSite has a story about this that is more accessible than the Italian site.  HERE

The fact that this was before the Synod, tells us something about the organizers and the source of the money that drove the pre-determined agenda.

This is pretty bad.

Pachamama di questi luoghi,
bevi e mangia a volontà questa offerta,
affinché sia fruttuosa questa terra.
Pachamama, buona madre
Sii propizia! Sii propizia!
Fa’ che i buoi camminino bene,
e che non si stanchino.
Fa’ che la semente spunti bene,
che non le succeda nulla di male,
che il gelo non la distrugga,
che produca buoni alimenti.
A te lo chiediamo:
donaci tutto.
Sii propizia! Sii propizia!
(Preghiera alla Madre Terra dei popoli Inca)

Pachamama of these places,
drink and eat this offering at will,
so that this land may be fruitful.
Pachamama, good mother
Be propitious! Be propitious!
Let the oxen walk well,
and let them not be tired.
Let the seed-sowing sprout well,
that nothing bad happens to them,
that frost does not destroy them,
that it produces good food.
We ask you from you:
give us everything.
Be propitious! Be propitious!
(Prayer to the Mother Earth of the Inca peoples)

This is a prayer to a demon, straight to the Italian people from their bishops.

Meanwhile, as per LifeSite, we are learning a little more about Pachamama… for those of you who think that this isn’t a big deal.


Indigenous ceremonies to the Pachamama involve different rites, including the most important that takes place at the beginning of August, when “Mother Earth” is supposedly tired and worn out. The rite consists in singing, dancing, and drinking around a blanket on which offerings are placed, some of them burned or smoked ritually, to “feed” the Earth that nourishes but that also destroys and kills by earthquakes and other catastrophes when men use too many of her resources, according to pagan legends. The ritual is led by a local shaman.  [That sounds exactly what was done in the Vatican Gardens.  Right?]

Often a hole is dug in the ground, symbolizing the Pachamama’s womb, and burnt offerings — including the highly sought after llama fetus, which is supposed to bring luck and riches — are ritually tipped into it.

Male and female shamans will take part in conducting these ceremonies.

Historically, before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the Incan cult to Pachamama included human sacrifice, often of children aged 7 or 8, whose death was supposed to placate the Earth “divinity,” to avert her anger and to obtain prosperity. So were 200 youngsters offered up to accompany the crowning of Pachacutec in Cuzco, somewhere between 1430 and 1440. The sacrifice often took the form of freezing the children to death after having drugged them with coca, the sacred plant of many indigenous tribes in South America. Mummies of sacrificed children have been found that confirm the truth of the practice of human sacrifice to Pachamama in particular.

Vestiges of the Pachamama cult were to be found in the 1960s, but since then, the “Mother Earth” rhetoric has become more visible, if not mainstream, within the indigenous communities of some of the Andean regions. Evo Morales, indigenous president of Bolivia since 2006, played an important role in the recovery of pre-Columbian customs and rites; he even went so far as to include a mention of the syncretic “cosmogony” of the indigenous in the Bolivian constitution.  [He gave the commie hammer and sickle “cross” to Francis during his visit.  A commie and demon worshiper.]



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  1. fmsb78 says:

    Just to add up to this post, there was also a pachamama singing in Lima’s catedral (Peru) and that was presided by the very archbishop Carlos Castillo. It’s all over the internet now and here’s a report from Infovaticana (unfortunately in Spanish).

    This is apocalyptic times of full blown apostasy in the Church.

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    “Male and female shamans will take part…”

    While “female shamans” is a historically-used title, is there any indication that they had an actual ordained, liturgical function?

    “…before the Synod…”

    What’s the current betting line on the Synod final document having been pre-written?

    Sorry – it’s been a rough month and I’ve been getting cranky AND pessimistic. Snark and sarcasm is my main relief.

  3. The Cobbler says:

    I need to review my history of the times of St. Maximus the Confessor.

    I seem to recall that most of the bishops, except the Pope (even the Orthodox admitted this of the incident in question, if I’m remembering right) fell into heresy… and they didn’t say, “I reject the teaching of the Church,” or, “I reject the authority of the Pope,” they just did their own thing. Turns out those who held to the traditional faith were not schismatic, niether quasi- nor the explicit kind: they were simply faithful even when their own bishops weren’t. And for this, some of them ended up Saints!

    And that was just heresy, as far as I can remember, not idolatry.

  4. Ms. M-S says:

    Folks, what more do we need?
    Or are we waiting for the upcoming offerings from Germany?
    Pray for the conversion of heretics.
    Pray for the confounding of wolves in shepherds’ clothing.
    Pray for the rebellion of the misguided sheep.

  5. chantgirl says:

    Ann Barnhardt has several posts making the case that there was still an offering to Pachamama at the closing synod Mass:

    I’m not sure if it’s more difficult to believe that idolatry and apostasy are happening right before our eyes in the Vatican, or that the papal apologists have so quickly brushed off Francis participating in demon worship as no big deal.

    Again, the woman of Rev 12 comes to mind, laboring to give birth. The Pachamama is a reverse image of Our Lady and the Church:

    Our Lady is Queen of Heaven. Pachamama is believed to live in the underworld.
    Our Lady offers herself with Christ under the cross. Pachamama demands child sacrifice.
    Our Lady crushes the serpent under her foot. Pachamama is described as a dragon/serpent.
    Our Lady pleads for mercy for her children. Pachamama is credited with causing earthquakes when she is disrespected.

    Two enemies, Our Lady and the Pachamama, labor to give birth.
    Two churches, one true and one false, vie for control of the Holy place and compete for the souls of men.

    During the miracle of the Sun, Our Lady appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel is the place where Elijah called down fire from Heaven to show the people that God was true and the pagan gods were not. At Akita, Our Lady warned of fire from the sky if men do not repent.

    No one knows the day or the hour, but the signs of the times are impossible to dismiss.

  6. Benedict Joseph says:

    A moronic, shameless display of episcopal malpractice. We are as sheep with a temporal shepherd. Exactly what infraction, what exhibition of infidelity, is required for the terminal rebuke of such reprehensible enterprise.? It sinks to such a level of repugnance that it is not worthy of critique.

  7. CasaSanBruno says:

    I suppose Cardinal Becciu & Co are imploring her help.

  8. Mark W says:

    Is putting a plant on the altar as part of the offering licit? Did they offer the plant as…what?

  9. Suburbanbanshee says:

    The miraculous Peruvian painting of Our Lord of Miracles is also a reverse of Pachamama’s alleged power to cause earthquakes; Our Lord kept a church safe from a devastating earthquake.

    This Pachamama stuff is so nasty and disgusting. And it was part of a profoundly royalist religion that turned historical medieval Incan leaders into supposed universal gods. So using Peru stuff to represent the whole Amazon, and “the people” who were oppressed and murdered in the name of Inca gods… Sick.

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    We know what we are seeing. It is no longer unbelievable in fact, the demon ceremony with Francis was only a confirmation and not even a shocking one. He’s been incredibly transparent, and only a hard core denier can continue to defend him or the church. It looks now as if the church is going to follow him into apostasy. I am truly shocked by how quickly that capitulation is happening. It’s beginning to feel as if we are living amongst the pod people, in a bizarre false-reality world. I’m a cynic but I would never have guessed this could happen and we would see such a tepid by the church and the laity, and defenders! The laity have had the better response.
    Our church is full of sellouts. If no bishop or Cardinal opposes him, they have probably nailed things shut. God will not bless an apostate demon church. It is amazing within months of Notre Dame, the pope worships a demon in St. Peter’s, replaces Christ on the Feast of Christ the King.
    How can we get the word out to fellow Catholics. Who will warn them? If they worship demons what will happen to their souls when they die? If popes and Cardinals and bishops do not care for souls, we can. How can we reach mainstream Catholics. Please Jesus, save souls!

  11. chantgirl says:

    Suburbanbanshee- Thank you. There is an image of that painting on wikipedia which I plan to print out and hang in my home.

    And yes, what kind of message does it send to the people of the Amazon that the idol venerated by the Pope during the synod represents a “god” for which thousands of their ancestors died violent deaths to appease?!

  12. Ages says:

    They have been worshipping the earth for years, about time they made it official.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    Samuel Gregg at Catholic World Report: “From Marx to Gaia: Liberation theology never went away. It morphed into liberation ecology.”

    “Central to Boff’s embrace of Gaia theory is his insistence that humans accept that they are not only homo sapiens (man the wise) but also, Boff claims, homo demens (man the deranged): a species whose dementedness is expressed in failure to recognize the natural world as humanity’s equal. At the core of Boff’s liberation ecology is thus a type of biological egalitarianism.”

    “There is, however, another important similarity between yesterday’s liberation theologians and today’s liberation ecologists. None have succeeded in stemming the drift of Latin Americans away from Catholicism.

    “There’s many reasons for this decline, but one is surely the way in which many liberation theologians and liberation ecologists locate salvation’s essence in politics. In remarks written in 1984, Joseph Ratzinger observed that most liberation theologians believed that nothing lay outside politics. “

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