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4 October 2019 – Demon idol Pachamama ceremony in the Vatican Gardens for the Amazon Synod

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of a Day That Will Live In Infamy, the horrific demon idol ceremony in the Vatican Gardens, near to where the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is, as the Amazon Synod (“walking together”) was … Read More

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Olive branches between Francis and Card. Müller

At Corriere today there is an odd story that might interest you. Papa Francesco scrive al cardinale Müller: disgelo con i tradizionalisti Il Papa in una lettera di 7 righe: «Caro fratello, molte grazie per il tuo libro: il tuo … Read More

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After Querida Amazonia, Francis isn’t flavor of the month with seriously disappointed libs

Here’s an interesting tidbit. CNS reports that, during an ad limina meeting with US bishops, Francis expressed displeasure with the libs who accused him of not being brave enough to obey the Holy Spirit and approve of married priests and deaconettes. … Read More

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Thoughts about the Amazon Synod (“walking together”) document. Wherein Fr. Z opines also on something sad about #Bookgate

The Exhortation following the ghastly Amazon Synod (“walking together with a demonic idol”) is now out. No married priests and no deaconettes. More on the Exhortation below. First, however, something which you should know about. Sandro Magister doesn’t often put … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z maps weird things, connects dots, rants a lot, and offers an ACTION ITEM!

Yesterday evening I wrote about “creeping incrementalism” which can manifest in different ways, namely, the slow removal of things, until something is changed, and the slow addition.  Think of removing grains from a heap of sand until there is now … Read More

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UPDATED: United Nations published environment, population control children’s book called “Pachamama”

Do you know about the so-called “Sorites or Heap Paradox”? Imagine you have a heap of sand.  You begin one by one to remove the individual grains of sand.  One by one. QUAERITUR: At what point is that collection of … Read More

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Archbp. Viganò speaks: “We are in the grip of a religious chaos of gigantic proportion….” – a “satanic plan”

For all of us Catholics, the landscape in the Holy Church is becoming darker by the day. The ongoing progressive offensive portends a real revolution, not only in the way the Church is understood, but also in the apocalyptic images it … Read More

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VIDEO – Meet the guy who boosted and “tiberized” Pachamama and “Pachamama meets the God of Surprises”

Corrispondenza Romana has a video introduced by Roberto de Mattei, in which the young Austrian man who tossed the wooden Pachamama demonic graven images into the Tiber. I saw the video at Rorate at first. Fr. Z kudos to Alexander … Read More

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For your “You can’t make this up!” file. Italian Bishops publish “Pachamama Prayer” in booklet

On my way back to these USA, I got wind via The Great Roman the story on an Italian site that the Italian Bishops had published, before the Synod, a prayer involving Pachamama, the S. American demon those nitwits prayed … Read More

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A ‘Humanae vitae’ moment for this pontificate? It’s time to pray for a miracle.

I have in the past written, when writing about miracles, that it we don’t pray for miracles, we won’t receive them. Praying does not compel God to grant them, but praying prepares us to accept all that God grants and … Read More

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Will the allegedly recovered depontified, intiberized demon idol Pachamamas reappear at the END?

A lot of people… a LOT of people… are writing to me about how the Pachamama pagan demon idols were found and fished from the Tiber, are being held in a secure location and that Francis apologized for their theft … Read More

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ZUHLIO RETURNS: Pachamama’s Garden

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (ROME) In a surprise move international recording star and global warming expert ZUHLIO has emerged from retirement at the request of a subgroup of the drafting committee of the initial third working group of the Synod (“walking … Read More

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#AmazonSynod through a lens from St John Henry Newman

Corruptio optimi pessima… the corruption of the best thing is the worst sort of corruption. The other day I heard Australian author Tracey Rowland give a great talk in Rome about Newman’s idea of a university in juxtaposition with what’s … Read More

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Pagan Idols at the Amazon “walking together” Synod

More blah blah from the Holy See about the antics surrounding the Amazon (“walking together”) Synod… Amazoniana Synod… cha cha cha… We’ve seen the photos of the ubiquitous carving of the pregnant woman, which is pretty obviously some sort of … Read More

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“Amazon rite” proposed at Amazon Synod: more condescension to follow

From Ed Pentin at the National Catholic Register about topics raised at the Amazon Synod: According to a Vatican-provided synthesis of interventions, subjects so far discussed have included a reflection on “indigenous rites” of the Sacrifice of the Mass that, it … Read More

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