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The Holy See: Goat Rodeo

This is just great.   The Communist founder of the anti-Catholic La Repubblica, Eugenio Scalfari had a chat with the Pope.  Scalfari, slightly younger than dirt and no doubt still enjoying a perfect memory so he doesn’t have to – you know – … Read More

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#AmazonSynod, optional celibacy, divorced and remarried priests, and Amoris Laetitia

Let’s think about “optional celibacy” which the Germans and other iconoclasts want in order to drive the Church towards becoming a well-connected NGO. Let’s use Amoris laetitia (“The Joy of Sex”) as a lens. So, Father is married.  The marriage doesn’t … Read More

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ROME DAY 6: Twisty Tower, Tuna, and “Tini”

Sunrise was 7:13 and Colors will sound tonight at 18:41.  Once again 19:00 is the Ave Maria (as if anyone even bothers with that any more). One of the great rivals of the history of art in Rome was between … Read More

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“Amazon rite” proposed at Amazon Synod: more condescension to follow

From Ed Pentin at the National Catholic Register about topics raised at the Amazon Synod: According to a Vatican-provided synthesis of interventions, subjects so far discussed have included a reflection on “indigenous rites” of the Sacrifice of the Mass that, it … Read More

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A priest opines on the effect of optional priestly celibacy

I received this from a priest friend who, for reasons that are riotously obvious these days, desires anonymity. He reflects on the discussion of optional celibacy that the Amazon Synod is sure to push.  Of course the Germans, who are … Read More

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