HOME DAY 1: Thanks

Roman Sunset 6:39. Sunset 17:08.  Ave Maria bell 17:30.

Madison Sunrise 7:32.  Sunset: 17:51.  There is not now nor has there ever been an Ave Maria bell in Madison.

In case you are curious, the next change to the time of the Roman Ave Maria will be 4 Nov, when it changes to 17:15 through 19 Nov.

So, I am back in Madison.

Don’t look for HOME DAY 2 tomorrow, because… well… think about it.

My time in Rome was terrific and you benefactors made it possible. I hope to get back to Rome at the beginning of May, for business and pleasure.

Yesterday, when I was picked up at the airport, there were snow flakes flying.

This morning, we have a solid cover of snow.

Quite a contrast and more proof of global warming.

I now have to deal with my computer issues.  Sigh.  First, it was the major changes to the blog while on the road.  Now, at home, it is hardware.

I have a lot of mail to sort and quite a few errands.  I would ask a prayer or two that I remain healthy!


I’m definitely not in Rome any longer.

Quite a bit of snow, as a matter of fact.

Collecting mail and two boxes from Gammarelli in Rome.

There’s a lot to go through when you are gone for a while.

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  1. monstrance says:

    Temps in the Pacific NW waaaay below normal for a couple weeks now.
    19 degrees this morning.
    Not a word from the earth huggers.

  2. catholiccomelately says:

    Welcome home.
    Prayers for your continued health.

  3. The Cobbler says:

    There is not now nor has there ever been an Ave Maria bell in Madison.

    Sounds like an opportunity.

  4. thomas777 says:

    I was this joke the other day and I thought it was good so you may enjoy it. A person is reading a computer instruction manual…”The parts you can hit with a hammer are called hardware. The parts you can only curse and called software….” I still think that is funny. Remember it the next time you are tempted to curse your computer. Ask yourself “Can I hit this problem with a hammer?” It won’t fix the problem but it may give you a chuckle.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Welcome back to the good ol’ US of A Fr. Z. Thanks for the many photos and insights from Rome. Prayers and God bless.

    thomas777: Maybe the problem is the computer’s Fetzer valve. A whack with a hammer could work. If not, try 3 in 1 oil, gauze pads, and ten quarts of anti-freeze.

  6. JonPatrick says:

    @Semper Gumby, Fetzer valves are no longer applicable as they were to support earlier versions of Windows and have been bypassed ever since Windows Vista. The replacement is the transmigrofier which is present in all Intel processors manufactured since 2011. Occasionally the transmigrofier has to be reset which unfortunately can only be done using the Mark II or later scan tool from Intel plugged into the computer’s USB port. Note the Mark I will appear to do this but will actually erase the hard drive, so use of it should be avoided. Any auto mechanic trained in the use of an OBD2 scan tool should be able to help you with the correct operation.

    (Note: This is tongue in cheek and under no circumstances should this be taken seriously)

  7. hwriggles4 says:

    Fr. Z:

    Welcome home. Enjoyed following portions of your trip, and attending the canonization of St. John Neumann. My parish held a special Sunday Mass for the canonization, and our newer bishop did a consecration of our diocese that afternoon.

    Maybe you got to fly back from AMS to DTW on one of the new Airbus A350s.

    I need to make a trip to Rome sometime- I went in high school but I would enjoy it more now (I would take it more seriously).

    Hope you have had some time to recover from jet lag.

  8. SKAY says:

    I always pray for your health Father Z. That is especially true when you are on one
    of your wonderful trips. :-)

  9. Semper Gumby says:

    JonPatrick: Ah yes, Microsoft ended their support for Fetzer valves. That could be a bit of a problem if your hard drive is steam-powered and the code written by garden gnomes. So it seems the Transmogrifier is the way to go. And a prayer to St. Isidore of Seville. By the way, if a scan tool is unavailable the self-checkout scanner at your local Acme Food Market should work.

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