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Can’t wait to get one of these!

Marco Tosatti posted at his place about the Synod and a well-known con-game called “three card monte”. In the course, however, he included this. Oh yeah… gotta get me one o’ these!   Maybe a full Pontifical set! No doubt they … Read More

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ROME DAY 25: Witnessing, Witnesses and Wonder

Sunset today was at 7:34 and Sunset over Rome will be at 18:14.  The Ave Maria rings – or should ring  -at … hmmm 17:30.  Interesting. Of course we shifted here from “daylight savings” back.  Hence, an extra hour of … Read More

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The #AmazonSynod and what happened AFTER the Golden Calf Incident

Bp Athanasius Schneider recently penned a piece which likened the introduction and honoring of the demonic wooden idols, the amazonian Pachamama figures – whether they are part of a cobbled-up fake cult like Wicca or not is irrelevant – as … Read More

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