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Lutheran Satire educates

As former Lutheran… have a gander…


Pagan Idols at the Amazon “walking together” Synod

More blah blah from the Holy See about the antics surrounding the Amazon (“walking together”) Synod… Amazoniana Synod… cha cha cha… We’ve seen the photos of the ubiquitous carving of the pregnant woman, which is pretty obviously some sort of … Read More

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ROME DAY 13: A Suicide, a Life Hack, and an ALERT to Roman Seminarians

You will want to know that the Sunrise in Rome was at 7:21 and that Colors should sound at 18:30, 15 minutes before the poor little Ave Maria bell sounds. It has been a really busy couple of days, so … Read More

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You can’t make this stuff up: eRosary. Wherein an annoyed Fr. Z rants.

UPDATE: I figured I needed to do more, after I read that.  So, here is an old recording I made of a chaplet of the Most Holy Rosary using the Joyful Mysteries.   I didn’t include the “Fatima Prayer” because there … Read More

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