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Looking for a disc of the movie ‘Apocalypto’

Has anyone noticed that the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto is nearly impossible to find, and, via Amazon, is hugely expensive and probably bootleg? HERE Why would that be, I wonder. I wonder.

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Ritual bowl for demonic Pachamama placed on St. Peter’s altar at closing Mass of #AmazonSynod

Robert Moynihan is a long-time vaticanista.  In his latest “Letter #59, 2019: In plain sight“, he looks into the pagan element worked into the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod (“walking together”).  We had speculated about whether or not the … Read More

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PRIESTS: Are you available to take a “Gregorian Mass” intention?

In the past I have played “yenta” and put lay people who want Gregorian Masses (30 consecutive Masses for a single intention – usually, but not limited to, for the deceased). I have a few requests that are languishing. Priests: … Read More

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For your “You can’t make this up!” file. Italian Bishops publish “Pachamama Prayer” in booklet

On my way back to these USA, I got wind via The Great Roman the story on an Italian site that the Italian Bishops had published, before the Synod, a prayer involving Pachamama, the S. American demon those nitwits prayed … Read More

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HOME DAY 1: Thanks

Roman Sunset 6:39. Sunset 17:08.  Ave Maria bell 17:30. Madison Sunrise 7:32.  Sunset: 17:51.  There is not now nor has there ever been an Ave Maria bell in Madison. In case you are curious, the next change to the time … Read More

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