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The demonic Pachamama idol mess isn’t going to go away

The constant veneration and display of the demon Pachamama during the Amazon Synod must not be simply waved aside. Two things for the record. Card. Cupich of Chicago has defended the veneration of this demon idol, though that is not … Read More

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When life gives you lemons, you can help seminarians

Did you know that in the Roman Rite we use liturgical lemons? Whenever the celebrant has to clean something off his hands, such as chrism or ash, he uses pieces of bread and slices of lemons.  Water isn’t enough cut … Read More

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Some interesting reading for this morning

Today you will want to read about Card. Sarah at Crisis. Cardinal Sarah Marshals the Church Militant And read his book. The Day Is Now Far Spent is now available in English. HERE Some time ago, there was an unhinged … Read More