Some interesting reading for this morning

Today you will want to read about Card. Sarah at Crisis.

Cardinal Sarah Marshals the Church Militant

And read his book. The Day Is Now Far Spent is now available in English. HERE

Some time ago, there was an unhinged piece at Fishwrap against the people who prefer the Traditional Latin Mass. HERE. Now there is another opinion piece strongly in favor of the TLM… at Fishwrap. HERE It is as if… as if… Fishwrap was trying to be balanced.  But that’s probably not the case.  I am not sure what their game is.  Perhaps they merely want to provide a chance for their usual readers to pile on with negative letters to the editor, which they will publish.  I suspect that’s what will happen.

I didn’t watch any of the pointless USCCB meeting.  It is pointless because they will talk and talk and talk about all sorts of things that need to be fixed without talking about the one thing that has to be done before they can be fixed.  Revitalization of Sacred Worship.  And THIS doesn’t count.  Anyway, I saw this note about the reaction of the bishops to the suggestion from Cupich and McElroy that one of their documents stresses abortion too much.  HERE  Not a good moment for those guys.   And HERE

Mother Jones is baffled. First, the Trump administration is giving funds to clinics that don’t promote abortion.  Imagine!  Also, it seems that there are people in the world who think that if you don’t want to be pregnant you might try not having sex.  Imagine!  HERE.  I took away from this piece also the news of an organization called Obria, which I didn’t know about.  It was founded by a Catholic as an alternative to big business abortion Planned Parenthood.


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  1. tho says:

    Having just read that wonderful article extolling the TLM. I am in awe of the writer, and only wish that my vocabulary could come up with words of praise for her. She says what is in my heart. There is hope for us with writers like her. Now, if only the clergy with power, would listen.

  2. samwise says:

    ¡Gomez esta` el presidente! Viva Cristo Rey!

  3. majuscule says:

    The Fishwrap Facebook page posted the good TLM article and that’s where you can find the usual loony anti-TLM comments.

    Just mentioning this in passing…I would not make a special effort to find and read them.

    [You mean, the article I wrote about above?]

  4. roma247 says:

    Wow, Jane Stannus’ piece at NCR about the TLM is as stunningly beautiful as the prior one was stunningly banal. Thanks for the heads up! Whatever NCR’s “game” may be, I’ll take it.

  5. David Willis says:

    i admire all that he writes and says.

    i just worry about his publicly stated desire to merge the EF and NO calendars.

    its selfish, but i don’t want to lose ANYTHING else from the 1962 calendar…

    returning the octaves and the pre-1955 Holy Week would be GREATLY appreciated however.

  6. RLseven says:

    Your advice re: don’t have sex if you don’t want to get pregnant– I agree. But, what about a Catholic woman who has given birth multiple times and does not want to be pregnant again or have more children to care for because she feels neither physically or mentally capable? What if her husband insists on having sex with her because it’s her “duty,” and, of course, they aren’t using birth control; and, the “rhythm method” hasn’t been successful for them. My wife has several friends in this situation, who have shared that they are anxious and fearful in their marriages. I’m not suggesting abortion is the answer! But how would you counsel them?

    [I would counsel them not to bring it up on a blog. Nor would I give advice on such matters on a blog.
    This is best with personally.]

  7. The Cobbler says:

    If you don’t support women’s health centers that promote and/or perform abortions, they accuse you of not caring about women or about children who are born.

    If you support women’s health centers that niether support nor promote abortion, they don’t recognize that you’re supporting women and/or chlidren who are born.

    They won’t say it in so many words, but it can be inferred that they believe that abortion is the most helpful thing for some women (and even children, I suppose on the theory that for some people it’s better not to be born?); which makes the accusations rather beating around the bush at best.

  8. JTH says:

    I did not read the Fishwrap article, but I suspect the progressives in the Church will do what progressives do. I suspect they’ll begin to feign interest in the TLM, pretend to accept it, join it then work very hard to corrupt it from within.

  9. JustaSinner says:

    I read the fishwrap as often as I watch CNN. I don’t travel by air as often as you Father, so I’m rarely within sight of that station.

  10. JonPatrick says:

    Perhaps the number of TLM’s and people attending them has increased enough that they are starting to show up on people’s radar. In spite of it still being a small minority of those attending Mass. But anyone looking at the demographics realize young people and families with children are attracted to the TLM whereas the Novus Ordo is approaching a demographic cliff as the baby boomers age out. I think it is past the point where they can suppress it given that a crackdown would cause a lot of people to just move to the SSPX which is outside of their control.

  11. bourgja says:

    I am very glad that the bishops have approved translations of the Latin hymns of the editio typica for the Liturgy of the Hours. The Mundelein Psalter had already prepared the way for this, and this is a positive step forward.

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