ACTION ITEM: Feedback Project

During the last few weeks, we had to move the blog from one provider to another. It was a little harrowing. However, the necessity provided the opportunity to assess how well the blog was functioning.

If that pertains to the back end of the blog, the part you don’t see, it applies to the front end, too, the part you do see.

I’ll take a risk.  It occurs to me to assess some of the fruits this blog has produced.

This is where you come in.

May I ask you, please, to write to me and to describe briefly how this blog has affected your life of Faith?

I occasionally get notes from people to say that, because of something they read here;

  • they took steps to, for example, get their marriage straightened out;
  • they returned to confession after many years, or came back to the Church;
  • priests have said that the blog helped them decide about seminary or helped them to stick it out;
  • other priests have written that they determined to learn the TLM because of their reading here;
  • people have written that they’ve learned a great deal about the Church and about our Catholic Faith;
  • others now participate at Mass in a different way because of reading about the content of the Latin prayers;
  • some people like the podcasts and seasonal audio offerings, such as those during Lent.

Perhaps there are other things.  Maybe what happened was recent.  Maybe it was a while ago.  I’d like to know.

Other than the occasional note a person writes out of kindness, it is hard to know what’s up.

Will you please write to let me know how this blog has been of help?

Let me know if any of it could be quoted (anonymized of course!) in a blog post. Posting some of these “testimonials” could encourage others to take similar steps that you might have taken.

I’d like to use the rest of this calendar month, until the end of November, for this project.

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