ACTION ITEM! Seminarians are waiting for BIRETTAS! Priests are waiting for SATURNOS!

I had a note from John in Church Goods at Leaflet Missal in St. Paul.  John is at the action center of the Birettas for Seminarians Project and the Saturnos for Priests Project.

John reports:


Priests waiting for Saturnos – 23

Seminarians waiting for birettas – 31

Okay, folks… do you thing!

For more information click


And let’s not forget those saturnos for priests.  The more, the merrier.

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  1. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Obviously once you have the job of conductor of a bus you are perfectly qualified to conduct an orchestra, since the same word is used. I think that the campaign for women deacons would be greatly strengthened if it were allied to similar causes like this. Another example could be the right of qualified secretaries to be secretaries of state, for clerks to be clerks of the House of Commons, etc.

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