New GREEN vestments from “Sacra Domus Aurea”

When you love someone, you lavish attention. You provide the best and the beautiful.

In Madison that is what we are trying to do with Holy Mass. Our Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison (please donate! – 501(c)(3)) has been slowly building a treasury of vestments. This week I used for the first time the new Low Mass and Sung Mass set in green. I am loath to pull pieces out of larger sets on a regular basis. That way you wind up with worn chasuble and fresh dalmatics, etc.

And the church was pretty full, with new faces too.

You will want to know who made these vestments.  It was NOT Gammarelli, in Rome.

I am very pleased with them.  I think I will use this source again, happily.

There is a lady in Sardinia with a cottage business called


I contacted her after browsing photos of what she had made in the past, asking for an estimate for the set in green.   She responded quickly – you can write to her in English.  Her estimate was well within the budget I had set.  She was able to make some adjustments to the patterns according to my specifications.  I sent some money up front using PayPal so that she could get the fabric and trim, etc.  Badda bing!  She had the production of the vestments underway in no time.  Shipping was not a problem.  She was must faster than I had anticipated.

All in  all, these are high quality and beautiful and they won’t break your bank account.  I was delighted with what I used today.  I think I will make a few other adjustments for future orders (and I anticipate that there will be some).

The cope laid out before Mass…

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Speaking of garments, Father. Need your size to send you some of our slash clothing. In basic black, I’m sure. Do you wear hoodies?

  2. Diana says:

    These are STUNNING, Father!! Thank you for lavishing so much love on Our Lord and the Mass. I always love seeing beautiful vestments. :)

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Wow, these are really something! How great to have a new resource. Competition is good.
    Yes God deserves our best.

  4. zeremoniar says:

    Beautiful vestments, Father!
    What are some of the pattern adjustments? Was it about fit or some specifications of style, form and ornamentation? (Always eager to learn more)

    [I wanted a slightly different shape of stole and maniple. I would have the cope a little larger around the shoulders. Some of the big guys around where I am would have a really hard time wearing it.]

  5. zeremoniar says:

    Thank you for the response, Father. While we are at it: what is the reason that frontal to both sides leaves some inches of the altar uncovered? There must be a reason, as this is always the case with the stunning vestments you order and you are attentive to details like this.

  6. Jacob says:

    Father, would you be willing to say more about what Gammarelli did wrong? Was it just that they got the fabric wrong or did they do nothing to make amends by comping the work or something? You’ve been going there for a lot of years and have always been pleased with their work and service.

  7. I went to Mass at the FSSP parish in South Bend, Indiana yesterday on the way back from the Catholic Answers conference in Nebraska on Saturday and I noticed that the priest was not wearing traditional vestments, and it was one of those things that one appreciates more in their absence. The image of an armored soldier headed for battle is more compelling to me these days than the image of a magician who just makes sins go away without any effort. It made me think that they need a society of some sort in South Bend to make sure that they have the vestments they need (and I am sure want). I saw lots of tens and twenties in the basket as it passed, but I guess sometimes having a stable, solid roof over your head has to take precedence over the ideal vestments.

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