Note the twisted moral logic of those in power today

Here is a classic example of what is going on in the Church on the highest level.   Follow the argument.  My emphases.

From Crux:

ROME – A leading Vatican official says he would “hold the hand” of someone who was dying from assisted suicide, even though he considers it wrong, because “no one is abandoned” by the Church.

Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia was speaking on Tuesday during the presentation of an upcoming symposium on end-of-life issues co-sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, which he heads.

“I believe that from our perspective, no one is abandoned, even if we are against assisted suicide, [!] because we don’t want to do death’s dirty job,” the archbishop said, when asked about one bishops’ conference’s directive that a priest not be in the room if euthanasia or assisted suicide is performed.

“To accompany, to hold the hand of someone who is dying, is something that every faithful must promote as they must promote a culture that opposes assisted suicide,” Paglia said.


So, get this.

First, in a time when “synodality” is being promoted, he undermines a bishops’ conference.

Worse, however, is how he say that in order not to promote assisted suicide, you have to support those who are committing it.

Similarly, we have to support Communion for the divorced/remarried and we have to support homosexuals who are having perverted sex.

See the infernal

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  1. Anneliese says:

    When is the good Lord bringing fire and brimstone down on the Earth?

    I know we’re called to make reparations and offer penances for those (in addition to our own) who have committed sin. However, it would be terrific if these people would occasionally take up some of the slack.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Did you read the German Bishops statement on homosexuality and adultery? Soon will be the time the Laity rise against this heresy.

  3. teomatteo says:

    “…support SSAd persons…”
    That is next. “One can attend a homomarriage as to accompany them.” Theses clergy are snakes.

  4. William says:

    Likewise, instead of protesting abortion clinics, we should be escorting women into them.

  5. Amerikaner says:

    Paglia: Even though he considers it wrong, he will help hold a bank robber’s bags o’ money. One must promote the culture of cash.

  6. No surprise here. Isn’t Paglia the one with the blasphemous mural in his cathedral, in which he himself is depicted?

  7. Danteewoo says:

    Hold the hand of the person committing suicide, and then tell him that this is the first time you have held the hand of a person as he went to Hell.

  8. GypsyMom says:

    Would he also hold the hand of a racist and accompany him as he spit out racial epithets? Or of a rich employer as he exploited his poor employees? Or of a big business executive as he ordered polluted waste dumped into a river?

  9. Josephus Corvus says:

    So in other words, you can be the get-away driver for a bank robber, so long as you don’t actually rob the bank or exceed the speed limit while doing it, right?

  10. ArthurH says:

    Had a friend, on the surface a devout Catholic and usually behaving so– he’s now deceased– who years ago went to an abortion facility with a friend who asked him to accompany her, since she said she was too upset/afraid to go alone; he knew, BTW (so he said), that abortion is way wrong.

    When I– and others– tried to convince him that he had materially cooperated in her abortion and that perhaps “but for his helping her… etc” she might NOT have gotten one, he answered that she said she would have gone anyway…. sadly, trying to have it both ways.

    His reasoning? He did it “out of compassion” for someone who “needed him” and it was “what Jesus would have done” under the circumstance.

    This nonsense of hand-holding a person COMMITTING (not having committed and then sorry for) a grievous sin, seems an increasing bizarre norm for compassionate Catholic thought today. There may even be courses/retreats on the subject sponsored by the “nuns on the bus.”

    Pray for our Church.

  11. Charles E Flynn says:

    “Accompany” is the verb that for some Catholic officials has the same importance as the noun “inclusiveness” has for some secular officials.

  12. Kirk says:

    We are in deep need of a Marian apparition. One that our Mother shows the world that her Son is not at all pleased with His Church on earth.

  13. E Faulkner says:

    well… I’m thinking that we believe that in the situation where a person alone in isolation far from others…committs suicide, we do not know what transpires between God and this person in there last moments. We pray for their turning towards God.

    So I am wondering, as abhorrent as it is to be in the presence of someone committing an act against the life that God gave them, is it just possible that our presence might precipitate a moment of regret in this person ?

    I wondered if this would be any different if I were the sole person present versus being part of more than one person present (for whatever reasons).

    Can I plead with God to open this person’s heart to Love? Must I? Is my pleading in the presence of Evil not unlike subjecting myself to a crucifixion? (not meaning to sound arrogant).

    I reject the notion that I would be accompanying someone. I think that this might be walking on parallel and side by side paths.

  14. Markus says:

    If one came upon a scene where on was dying from assisted suicide, and one did not know that they were going to do it, I understand the comment. I would pray with and/or for them, an act of contrition, etc.

    If one, however, knew that the person was going to do this, and one witnessed it, a few definitions come to mind: participation, condoning, collusion (popular in the press today), endorsement, etc. Obviously a grave sin according to the catechism I read.

  15. Ultrarunner says:

    Or you could be a hero for your previously unbaptized and dying friend by removing the bottle of holy water from your pocket with your other hand and applying it copiously to their head while making the sign of a cross as you recite the words: “I baptize you in the name of the Father + And of the Son + And of the Holy Spirit +, Amen.” That way you can look into their eyes for the last time knowing that through you Christ supplied them with a complete victory over the horrible evil that befell them using the ultimate Hail Mary in the spiritual playbook for their eternal reward in heaven.

    God would undoubtedly find that very pleasing to the benefit of you both.

  16. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I think it would be more to the point to grab that person and start administering an antidote, or rush them to an emergency room, or call 911. I would also be okay with possibly killing anybody who tried to prevent the suicidal person having his life saved. (Not like they could complain, either, if they find death so sweet. Have some, then.)

    I once told a friend that there was no way in heck I would ever help someone to go to an abortion clinic. Drive them away to get some decent medical treatment and psychological help, sure. Help them find an adoptive family, okay. Protect them from abusive family or significant others, sure. But I would never help.someone kill a baby.

    Sometimes the logical thing is the swashbuckling thing.

  17. Dismas says:

    Nemo potest duobus dominis servire: aut enim unum odio habebit, et alterum diliget: aut unum sustinebit, et alterum contemnet. Non potestis Deo servire et mammonæ.

  18. Ages says:

    Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the wicked, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the company of scoffers. Psalm 1:1

    These heretics are literally doing the opposite of scripture.

  19. rtjl says:

    Accompany, accompany, accompany. If you are not careful, you will accompany someone all the way to hell, and find no return.

  20. RosaryRose says:

    We pray for Final Perseverance, especially when we pray the fifth decade of the sorrowful mysteries. Pray for people who are dying, that the enemy does not take their soul at the last minute. Church tradition tells us that the enemy is extremely cunning and active just before death in one last attempt to take your soul.

    We pray for the ability to offer up all of our pain and suffering for the salvation of souls. You can give the Blessed Mother your pain to release souls from Purgatory.

    Pray: Jesus, if this pain is not required for the salvation of my soul and other souls, please remove it. If this pain is required for my salvation, please give me the Grace to bear it. I offer all in Your name.

    Quite often, the pain GOES AWAY when I offer it up. I like to imagine the enemy discovered a leak where souls were getting out of purgatory – sirens are blaring, strobe lights go off in hell, so they shut off my torture. It works, try it next time.

    It seems harsh to tell someone to offer it up. Consider this, It gives their pain a purpose. I truly believe, I believe in Heaven and hell. I believe we are in a spiritual battle. I believe everything is about Jesus. I am not being mean, I am being truthful. So, I am showing them part of that narrow path to Heaven. I am beside them, praying for them, offering up for them.

    Describe Jesus, read psalms. Or, simply be silent and pray.

    I pray that when I get to Purgatory, the souls I prayed for will be in Heaven, praying for me.
    Someone tell the Archbishop we are the Church Militant. This is a battle for souls.

    And go to confession, so you are in a state of Grace.

  21. Johann says:

    Anything said Bishop Gay Porn Mural regarding moral theology should be treated as it is: Pure unadulterated garbage from an amoral and mentally ill creature.

  22. KateD says:

    To hold someone’s hand during assisted suicide, unless one is ripping the needle out of their arm with the other hand and screaming “Oh NO you don’t!” is no different than taking a woman to get an abortion.

    Many people loose hope because of their circumstances, perhaps physical limitations or a chronic and painful illness. There was a movie about a wealthy guy in the wheel chair who determines he’s going to off himself….I thought it was a life affirming movie and went. They sucker punch you in the last five minutes. I was so livid. I demanded my money back. The worst part is they showed the process of the man coming through the difficult part of such a situation and getting to the point where he found joy in life again. It happens to everyone eventually, but it takes time
    and is a process.

    It took my father almost 30 years to snap out of the funk of becoming a paraplegic….He was not a pleasant man to be around in those years. If there had been assisted suicide I’m sure he would have availed himself of it….but thank God it wasn’t legal and he finally rediscovered the joy of life.

    When his time came, he suffered, horribly for weeks prior. He was a fighter and he wanted to get back to the wonderful life he had created. He had bought a new boat and was planing on sailing to Alaska and then on to China to participate in races in those places. He loved the Chinese people and culture and participated in races there every year. He had a training schedule to keep, repairs and preparations to make. But literally, in a dream he communicated to me just prior to his death, Jesus called him home. He was also ready for that journey at the end of the weeks of intense suffering.

    Sitting with the person while they commit suicide doesn’t equate to accompanying them in charity, it means joining them in the abandonment of hope, and denying God’s Omniscience and infinite real
    Mercy. Assisted suicide interferes with God’s plans for that soul by depriving it of the suffering it needs to make it to where God intended for it to go and assists the enemy of the soul. It’s Benedict Arnolding God in this great war raging over the souls of men. Don’t do it. Accompany them in their suffering, help them to gain every ounce of merit. Help them to be valiant in the accomplishment of the task that God has required of them.

  23. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Grave acts of evil should have consequences. Holding the hands of a person while they are killing themselves is an attempt to make the evil have less consequences and more comfort.

    There are times when a Christian has to say, “If you choose that, I will not be there. And if my absence is upsetting for you, so be it. That will affirm to you how revolting I find this act to be.”

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