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New gear from Rome: Vimpae and BUCKLES!

New gear came from Rome, today. I had a pair of vimpae made with Bp. Hying’s coat-of-arms. These are used during Masses with bishops by the ministers who hold the miter and the crosier. Also, there are silver shoe buckles. … Read More

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D. Grand Rapids – Priest denies Communion to Lesbian judge married to a woman. He’s now under attack.

UPDATE 2 Dec 2019: This story has now thudded into a hardly surprising new phase. HERE She went to a Methodist “inclusion” gathering and tool their “communion”. I like the bit in the video where she says, “It’s not about … Read More

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VIDEO: Transit of Mercury

Just for fun. From APOD. I especially like the “We’re all going to die!” music.

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VIDEO: Bp. Hying of @MadisonDiocese – “Let Advent Be Advent”

Bp. Donald Hying of Madison posts brief videos each day on a range of topics. Today, he speak about Advent.

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Two good commentaries today on the works of @JamesMartinSJ

There are two good recent commentaries available about the dark works of the relentless Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin. At Crisis there is a piece by Kevin Wells which compares Martin’s works to those of Fred Rogers.   My emphases. Mr. Rogers, a … Read More

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ADVENTCAzT 2019 02: When a friend harms you, it hurts all the more.

Here is ADVENTCAzT 02, for Monday in the 1st Week of Advent. Today Bp. Schneider talks about how Christ’s friends make Him suffer, Fulton Sheen reflects on how God would work in us and the Lord describes something of the … Read More

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