The brother of Benedict XVI, Georg Ratzinger, is very ill.

Benedict XVI left Vatican City and went to Regensburg to be with his brother.

They are very close. I remember many times in Rome seeing them walking together and greeting them. We would talk about sacred music, since George, musician, knew my pastor, Msgr. Schuler. Before everything went sideways for Joseph, they were going to have a house near Velletri, where the Cardinal was Cardinal Bishop.

The brothers are very close, as they were with their sister Maria, who died in 1991.

There is an article in German HERE

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  1. CasaSanBruno says:

    Der Herr behüte und segne die beiden Brüder!

  2. The Lord protect and bless the two brothers!
    So many people miss the Papa. Like St. John Paul II, his face is angelic.

  3. Kirk says:

    I am happy that they are together again. May God shine on them both in their last days here in this world.

  4. Mariana2 says:

    On it.

    Maybe even a relief to get out of the Vatican for a few days?

  5. Traductora says:

    The Spanish are very excited about this and calling it the new Avignon…however, I think he just wanted to get out of town and be with his brother. Also, anybody in their right mind would want to escape the Vatican right now.

  6. Ultrarunner says:

    Prayers for the 547 documented cases of choir boys at the Regensburg school who were victims of physical and/or sexual abuse during the 30 year tenure of Georg Ratzinger.

  7. samwise says:

    ¡Msgr Schuler–Santo Subito! Viva Regensburg address & Ratzinger legacy!

  8. Ceile De says:

    God help us when Good Pope Benedict goes to his judgment and reward. I have a bad feeling that he is the only thing restraining something much worse. When he goes, we shall be, in earthly terms, well and truly alone in the face of………
    However, he is 3 years younger than Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, so perhaps we have 3 years to put our affairs in order. I hope that his memoirs contain instructions on how to survive the apostasy that will surely follow and that they are in a place where the untruthful one can’t find and destroy them.

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