OLDIE PODCAzT 36: St. Augustine on John the Baptist; The Vespers hymn “Ut queant laxis”

New word for the day: hexachord

I think my production skills have improved a bit since then!


OLDIE TEXT Originally: 24 June 2007

Our PODCAzT for this Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist presents a selection from sermon (s. 288) preached by St. Augustine of Hippo (+430) in Carthage in 401. 

This is not the same selection as you find in the Novus Ordo Office of Readings today (from s. 293).

Then we get into the wonderful hymn for Vespers as well as a very hot
blessing for the day from the pre-Conciliar Rituale Romanum.

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  1. jameeka says:

    Father Z, your Oldies are still some of your best, thank you very much and happy Name Day!

    Thank you for your fervorinos too, today’s was much needed—the leap of Faith even for the holiest man born of woman.

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