Your Sunday Sermon notes – 3rd Sunday after Pentecost (12th Ordinary) 2020

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday, either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was.

Also, are you churches opening up?  What was attendance like?

For my part…

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  1. Ellen says:

    Churches are open and attendance has been increasing slowly. No more streaming after June, so hopefully things will get more normal soon. We still have to wear masks and practice social distancing (how I hate that phrase).

  2. JillMary says:

    Extraordinary Form, Focus on the epistle. The devil is real and he is actively seeking to ruin souls. It’s not enough just to acknowledge he exists but to be always vigilant. The devil can never make you do anything but he is very persuasive. Be on guard.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    Cardinal Dolan made these interesting points in his sermon, the audio for which was several seconds ahead of the video.

    God the Father loves us personally, passionately, and perpetually.

    “Fear of the Lord” is “reverential awe”.

  4. Rob83 says:

    Today was an external solemnity of the Sacred Heart. Overall a nice sermon reiterating several points of the devotion, though given what is going on this Sunday with the enemy’s followers, the readings for the Third Sunday after Pentecost would have been nice to have in addition.

    Churches are open, attendance seems close to normal overall as extra Masses have been added to allow for less people at each Mass.

  5. Public Savant says:

    Sermon today was on the sacrament of Extreme Unction. Attendance was about 20 and all of us were breaking the law but what do you do when Fr forgets to lock the door?

  6. Gab says:

    Wonderful sermon, Father Z. Brought tears to mine eyes at one point, about God’s mercy being greater than our sins. Thank you.

  7. Bthompson says:

    I preached (OF) on Cardinal Sarah’s warning to the West that “fatherlessness” is one of the things that can kill soul and body. I used the recent riots and destruction of statues as an example: These people have abandoned our shared heritage, the Truth and even the tools to apprehend truth that come from that heritage, leaving them in rage-filled aporia.

    We have a Father we know Truth; The Church can help (and so we need to be careful not to become fatherless ourselves), but we need to be aware that bearing this truth will get us the same sort of response as Jeremiah got.

  8. andia says:

    Deacon Tim spoke about the Real Presence

  9. mother undercover says:

    Our Southern California diocesan church had Mass in the extraordinary form, but there was no homily. We thirst in the desert.

  10. Ann says:

    The point that was novel for me was that the Sacred Heart is more consoled by our repentance than by our fidelity.

  11. JonPatrick says:

    We attended Mass for the first time Saturday evening in our regular parish (we were quarantining up until then). Attendance was 23 out of the allowed 26. Interesting to see how different churches handle things. At the Extraordinary Form Mass we attended 2 weeks ago there was little change from normal except every other pew roped off, hardly any masks, normal communion at the rail. At our parish masks were required for the while time and we could only go up for communion one at a time. At least we were allowed to receive on the tongue as long as we went up last. I found the whole thing was very distracting and frustrating given the latest findings of a negligible possibility of transmission of the virus from someone who is asymptomatic and the basic uselessness of masks and “social distancing” based on outdated research from the 1930’s. Anyway enough of my rant.

    At the Saturday vigil Mass Father talked about how Jeremiah was fearful but how we don’t need to fear if we trust God and do His will.

    Sunday we watched the 8 AM Low Mass live stream from the FSSP church in Providence RI. As the end of the octave of the Sacred Heart we need to ask God to replace our hearts with Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

  12. Lurker 59 says:

    Moderate sized OF parish. Per diocesan rules, public Sunday Masses are allowed but capped at 25% of fire code capacity. In order to attend this particular parish, you have to show up with a “permission slip” / “ticket” for each individual in one’s family/party which one obtains by signing up online and giving their name, address, phone number, and email address. This is checked at the door.

    Going by the numbers on the signup site, Mass attendance is not meeting capacity by ~15-24%, depending on which Mass is being discussed. Looking at YouTube views, without charting things, it appears at rough glance that viewership is declining for both weekend and weekday Masses.

  13. HyacinthClare says:

    Our FSSP parish is open and 7:30 yesterday morning was packed. Father had to ask a bunch of us to go to the hall where TVs are set up for “spacing.” We were encouraged to go to later masses that aren’t so full. Our priests have been providing confessions and mass every day through this whole fandango, but limiting attendance in obedience to our bishop. The two of them went from offering three masses on Sunday to five so more could attend. Our collections have never dropped (I am the church accountant, so I know). IF YOU PROVIDE REAL CATHOLICISM, THE PEOPLE SUPPORT IT. We are proof! Blessed be God!!

  14. Orual says:

    That was a beautiful homily, Father Z!

  15. abralston says:

    A few more people could have fit in for the 7:30 am NO mass with a beloved 80+ year-old retired priest who helps serves us April-October, but not many. I don’t know if anyone was in the choir loft. I will say since those receiving on the tongue are going last, there were at least 20 of us who went. I figure there will be more since they have seen others do it. I was a rebel. I just did it with my row since I was already going to the priest. On Saturday a.m. I went to a Sung TLM and we had 20+ people. That is good for being in the middle of Appalachia. The group from my parish travel an hour to be there. Our cantor traveled two hours. She used to just travel one. The priest is our former priest who was moved a year ago. All that being said, God has a plan for why he moved. I think the priest has more freedom in his new parish. He is bringing more people to TLM that way. I can’t remember the homilies. They were both good and appropriate.

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