ANTIFA website “” redirects to “” – Domestic Terrorists for #Biden2020

Today I was alerted to a curiosity.

I think you know what ANTIFA is and what is doing.

Try this:


in your browser address bar and hit the ENTER key.  Or click HERE –

Your destination is…

What is ANTIFA?  Who run in the streets openly in their name?

Domestic terrorists.

Domestic Terrorists for Biden.

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  1. Cjrs_79 says:

    I am so sad to see how extremist your posts have become. Someone bought the site and made it send to joeniden. QAnon is domestic terrorism. You are giving Catholic traditionalists a bad name. We are now equated with racism and conspiracy theories. You are a smart man. Why are you doing this?

    Also. Why encourage voting for a polygamist lier like Trump? Are you ok with his disgusting comments? I thought the end did not justify the means in catholic theology. But you are saying it does. We vote for an inmoral terrible person. He doesn’t pay the people he hires and has agreements with. You criticize democrats but you have sold your soul to Trump.


  2. rhig090v says:


    It seems like it would be completely reasonable to think that could have bought with the intention to send to Joe Biden’s site. It’s interesting though that Biden hasn’t denounced Antifa, and many Democrats deny the existence thereof. By their silence, one can construe approval.

    As regards to QAnon, it seems that so many people are tripping over each other racing to microphones and keyboards to denounce the overall premise of QAnon, child sex trafficking. In my experience, true conspiracy theories are self-evidently false and need very little denouncing. There are conspiracy theories out there saying the earth is flat, or that the moon landing was staged. These need no denouncement as they are clearly false. With how defensive so many have become about QAnon, it makes one wonder about the claims and the inability to refute any of the claims. Couple that with media silence on the issue of sex trafficking, Epstein, etc., it seems as though QAnon hits pretty close to a nerve to get so much attention.

    As someone who supports Trump, not every word, action, and past do I agree with, but our religion is one of repentance and redemption, is it not? And in spite of personal shortcomings, who will defend the defenseless between the two candidates?

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    Cjrs_79: From the Federalist on 27 Aug:

    “Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf offered a harsh evaluation of the anarchist group Antifa Wednesday, declaring that in certain capacities, the left-wing group “absolutely” meets the standards worthy of condemnation as a “domestic terrorist group.””

  4. Charles E Flynn says:


    Janet E. Smith, Ph.D., recently retired from the Father McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI. She would have little difficulty in revising this article from 2016 to fit present circumstances:

    Why I Am Voting for Trump and Donating, Too (the graphic with the title no longer loads)

  5. SimonK says:

    Father, anybody can buy any free domain name and redirect it to any web page they want. Some miscreant could buy (e.g.) “” and redirect it to your website if they wanted to. So, it is unlikely that whoever owns “” has anything to do with Joe Biden’s campaign. Most likely, this is some kind of prank carried out by someone who is opposed to Biden. 
    That said, it is true that this is an issue on which Biden is weak. His supporters don’t want him to condemn the violence, rioting, looting, arson, etc of the “peaceful protests” because they hate facts which deviate from their narrative and want everyone to pretend those facts don’t exist. Biden doesn’t want to offend those supporters of his, so his condemnations of the riots are mealy-mouthed at the best of times.

  6. I don’t think this is a prank.
    Were organized Antifa to object, the domain minions would clutch their ankles.

  7. Cjrs_79 says:

    There is no organized antics. Also. rhig090vTell me when Trump apologiEd for his comments about women and their private parts. Or cheating on his many wives. Hippocrates I say. [Hippocrates, you say! And I raise you a Galen! ]

  8. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    I typed in last week and it directed me directly to Biden’s website. I redid it again today, and alas it brought me to Biden’s website again. Sadly, this is not a conspiracy. Big money is backing big money sadly.

  9. paulc0820 says:

    Its not to difficult to find information about a URL, was created in 2002, look for yourselves in the whois database.

    If this is a prankster he/she has some incredible foresite…

  10. Bob says:

    I would rather put up with a president that is crude, rude, unfiltered and a sinner while being the strongest champion for the unborn. It is not up to me to determine when a man is repentant or not, that is between him and God. I do judge actions and what I’ve seen of this president is a much greater effort to protect the unborn than anyone before him, defend our religious freedoms, defend our right to defend ourselves in the manner we see fit and not by the manner an official in DC thinks we should, be a true friend to Israel and recognizing Jerusalem when all presidents before him promised and didn’t and not one single war has occurred under this president other than crushing Isis as again was promised.

    He takes his oath seriously by securing our borders and protecting our nation. This has upset all of Washington who had wanted everything to continue with the status quo of doing things in DC. He upset the cart and I for one am glad he has. This is why you see all the cockroaches scattering for the last 4 years. This nation was and is a quagmire that this president has inherited and it is time to drain this swamp. With all he’s done in almost 4 years, imagine all he could have done if DC had not fought him his whole first term in trying to oust a legally sitting president.

    You want the professional politicians like Biden, Hillery, Clinton, Obama look at you all spit and polish, speaking eloquently while lying through their teeth and looking at you in the face and promising you the world while when elected nothing changes because nothing was supposed to change. than being looked at and lied to by ‘polished’ politicians who have no agenda but their own and will say anything to be elected. These politicians have not changed for decades and would have continued and do continue in this same way had not this president been elected.

    I know what I am getting with this president and I know what I’ll get with Biden. It is not Biden that will get elected but Harris, the anti-catholic, pro-riot marxist leaning woman who is the antithesis on what our country was founded.

    JFK,Clinton, Harris and Biden all have and had sexual and crude skeletons in their closets Cjrs_79 but surmise that you’ve voted or will vote for them anyway. Vote the way you feel is right and I will vote for the person who supports more closely the teachings of our Church.

  11. TDPelletier says:


    I understand the revulsion you have for other people’s sins. (We should have the same revulsion for our own).

    But a presidential election is not a referendum on a candidate’s personal sanctity, past or present.
    A presidential election, rather, should be based on the candidates’ platforms.

    Trump’s platform does not include the promotion of polygamy or of disgusting comments.
    Biden’s platform does include the promotion of atrocities like the funding of abortion.

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    Leftist militants and their growing interest in the military “SALUTE” report…

    …and in Federal buildings, via “DefendPDX”:

    “Just got photos of around 10 fed vehicles exiting the garage under the federal building on Jefferson. About 25 vehciles left the garage just now”

  13. ex seaxe says:

    If has had the same owner since 2002, it is not likely that they are American. Antifa was a German “organization” hardly known in the USA before 2007 at the earliest. All we know about the ownership is that it is registered with a privacy site, currently nominally in Panama. Left-wing conspiracy theorists think that it is owned by Russian Security.

  14. Charles E Flynn says:

    Snopes has an article about the redirecting of the Website:

    Did Redirect to Biden’s Official Campaign Website?

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    An example of Antifa turning against Leftists:

    “aided and abetted by the quisling [Portland] mayor”

  16. NOCatholic says:

    First of all, as an IT professional I examined and discovered something interesting: redirects first to, which in turn redirects to

    Second, the Snopes article posted by Charles E Flynn is accurate, in my opinion. With some exceptions (such as with trademarks) there is nothing stopping anyone from buying up an unclaimed domain name and redirecting it to wherever they want, with or without the permission of the target website. That is cheap and (with modest technical skills) easy to do. The only real way to prevent that would be for a target to buy up potentially derogatory domain names and not do anything with them, preventing others from using them. Companies do that all the time. My company has done that.

    Make of all that what you will. Maybe the Biden campaign doesn’t object. Or maybe they do, and haven’t been able to change that antifa redirect. They likely don’t think it’s even worth the trouble, since the campaign will be over in 65 days anyway.

    This is all midly interesting, but stops short of being an authoritative endorsement of Joe Biden by the antifa organization (if indeed, there is even such a thing — antifa is very decentralized).

  17. WVC says:

    At this point, anyone who is still complaining about Trump’s personal failures is either willfully ignorant or a blindingly self-righteous prude. How can folks still not see what time it is? The second Civil War has begun. This is not a hyperbole. It’s under way. Shots have been fired, literally. Cities are burning. One side makes it publicly clear that they hate America’s values, history, and culture. They openly brag about the violence, looting, and mayhem they are causing. They want the destruction of law and order, the complete razing of our traditional way of life, and the death of anyone who opposes them. This is laid bare on their social media pages, in their speeches, in their rants, on their official websites, and in interviews by their various spokesmen. This is fact, not fiction. And one political party openly courts this violence, sympathizes with the revolutionaries, and does everything within its power to persecute the enemies of the mob (i.e. peaceful, law-abiding citizens trying to defend their homes, families, and property from destruction). They will bend, break, or ignore any laws or judicial precedents to support their side in this fight. They will leverage everything and anything for their cause.

    Given these circumstances, for people to complain about the personal history of the only political candidate trying to oppose this chaos is absurd (as if the Biden’s personal history were anything to brag about). Such people must be wholly ignorant of history. They know nothing of Spain before the civil war. They are completely unaware of the barbarity of Revolutionary France or Soviet Russia. Which, in an age of such easy access to information, including primary historical sources, is inexcusable.

    It’s as if one’s house was on fire and one was stuck on the roof top. There is an angry mob down below, holding torches and gasoline, trying to stoke the fires ever hotter and higher. A helicopter pilot appears, lowering a ladder for you to escape. And instead of taking the ladder, one says, “Well, I heard that the helicopter pilot once said some derogatory things about women.”

    People need to realize what time it is.

  18. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – you miss the forest for the trees. Whether Joe Biden or his team redirected that URL is inconsequential. I suspect it likely was some clever prankster for no other reason than after watching the DNC convention it’s obvious that Team Biden is completely incapable of utilizing technology in their campaign (hell, half the time they can’t even get Joe Biden’s audio to sound better than a 8 year-old vlogger on YouTube).

    The fact that it is entirely believable that a major political candidate would do such a thing or not object to such a thing speaks volumes in and of itself.

    And any attempt to downplay Antifa is disingenuous. Being decentralized is in no way an argument against an organizations existence, its mission, or its effectiveness.

  19. Antonin says:

    @WVC I agree that “ one political party openly courts this violence, sympathizes with the revolutionaries, and does everything within its power to persecute the enemies of the mob (i.e. peaceful, law-abiding citizens trying to defend their homes, families, and property from destruction). They will bend, break, or ignore any laws or judicial precedents to support their side in this fight. They will leverage everything and anything for their cause”

    And vice versa! Remember It takes two parties to engage in a civil war. This has been going on for decades. Let’s be honest – the impeachment of Clinton was a Republican coup. [Patent B as in B, S as in S.] Weak sauce and they started using the power of the House to disrupt.

    Trump has the advantage in the election right now and if push came to shove if I lived in US [Yeah…] I would pull the lever for him. But that does not mean I like what he has done, his divisiveness, his caustic comments, his self aggrandizement and narcissism. I would vote for him but he is not stopping the civil war. And in fact he benefits by it

  20. NOCatholic says:

    “Trump’s platform does not include the promotion of polygamy or of disgusting comments.
    Biden’s platform does include the promotion of atrocities like the funding of abortion.”

    Both of these are true. The problem with Biden is his platform.

    But the problem with Donald Trump, is, not his platforn, not his sins, but entrusting the awesome powers of the Presidency, with an unstable narcissist egomaniac, by testimony of former staffers, more concerned about his TV ratings than in the normal discipline of doing his job, whose leadership during the COVID pandemic and the racial tensions was abysmal.

    If you want to vote for Trump, please consider who you vote for. Not just who you vote against.

  21. Semper Gumby says:

    NOCatholic: Nice try.

    A vote for Donald Trump is also a vote for Sr. Byrne, Maximo Alvarez, Ann Dorn, Jon Ponder, a young boy wearing a ballcap bullied by unhinged leftists, and for a young mother killed for saying “All Lives Matter.”


    A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Marine recruits at Parris Island to feast on Chipped Beef and Meatloaf rather than Eggplant Delight and Vegetable Lasagna. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for our M1 tanks to be powered by jet fuel rather than solar panels.

    And a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for battleships. Big, beautiful battleships with names such as the USS Vigano and the USS Fulton Sheen. Each battleship burning a thousand tons daily of the best West Virginia coal, and belching huge, gargantuan clouds of smoke that announce our Navy’s presence on the high seas with authority. ‘Merica. Christus Vincit.

  22. JonPatrick says:

    NOcatholic, so Trump is an “unstable narcissistic egonaniac”. Well disgruntled former staffers said so it must be true. I wonder how many truly unstable people could deal with being under relentless attack for 4 years, being called every name in the book and just take it. Other than the occasional tweet he has just gone about doing what he was elected to do and what he promised to do. As for his ego, not sure anyone could be President without an ego. Well maybe Jimmy Carter didn’t have an outsized ego but look where that got us – malaise and Iranian hostages. How many narcissistic egomaniacs would subject themselves to what Trump is subjecting himself? I’m sorry but it won’t wash.

  23. WVC says:

    @NOcatholic – typical leftist argument. “Yes, the facts you mention are true, but not really important. What IS important is some hearsay, hypothetical, opinionated stuff I believe.” You write as if Trump was not already the President and that we haven’t already survived 3 years of his serving in that office. Also, you entire point presumes that Biden and Kamala aren’t also unstable narcissists, which is definitely debatable.

    Regarding Coronavirus, that’s a hotly questionable topic, especially in light of the CDC’s recent update of the associated data (COVID-only deaths now lowered to around 9,000 for the entire United States), and regarding race relations – give me a break. As if we didn’t have race riots during Obama’s presidency. Oh ye of little memory.

    However, Semper Gumby makes a very valid point as to what one is voting FOR when one votes for Trump. I would make the corresponding point that what one is voting AGAINST is uniquely important during this election, as well. One is voting not just against Joe Biden but against rioting and lawlessness, against thugs murdering police officers, against the defunding of the police forces across the country, against the burning of stores and homes and the desecration of public property, against a spiteful desire to eradicate and disparage our country’s history and our forefathers, against undue Chinese influence in our country and our government, against government corruption that sees children of high-ranking government officials make millions from foreign countries, against the anti-Christian atheists who would force nuns to provide contraception, against the wholesale funding and promoting of the murder of the unborn children, against a globalist mentality that wants to crush America by completely removing her national borders, and against those who claim, unabashedly, that they want to turn America into a Communist nation.

    At this point, it’s hard not to assume you’re intentionally trolling.

  24. WVC says:

    @Antonin – are you suggesting there were riots in the streets, the burning of cars and homes, the destruction of historic statues and buildings, the looting of stores, the assaulting of federal officers and police officer with Molotov cocktails, industrial grade laser pointers, commercial grade fireworks, bricks, feces, and bottles of urine, and the murder of civilians during Clinton’s impeachment?

    Regardless of what country you live in, one does not need a nuanced understanding of American politics to be able to see the difference between normal political wrangling and fighting and what is going on right now.

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