Spiffing NEW OLD Book! A Limerickal Commentary on the Second Vatican Council

I received from the fascinating little Arouca Press, founded on the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, a truly amazing little tome.  It’s greatly appreciated, though I have a serious complaint about it.  More on that, below.

A Limerickal Commentary on the Second Vatican Council
by Hugh Somerville Knapman (Editor), George Cardinal Pell (Foreword)


This is a book of limericks written by Anglophone bishops at the Second Vatican Council about the goings on and topics discussed and people involved with the Council.


They are hilarious, for the most part, and very clever.  In hindsight, they also give insight to what was going on behind the scenes.   So, this is an old work, but newly presented.

Don’t worry, there are English versions – also clever limericks in themselves – on the facing page.

A couple of examples:

First, check out this one which mentions that old heretic Hans Kung, a peritus, and another about the ghastly Suenens, and one about Pericle Felice.

Since I have been involved with translation for a while, this is apt.

There are helpful notes which guide the reader many years after the fact.

The introduction explains the discovery of the type written pages in a Benedictine Abbey and how they came to be edited and published.

My biretta is – as I write – tipped with admiration to the editor, Fr. Hugh Somerville Knapman, OSB, who has a blog Dominus Mihi Adiutor.

Books have been pouring in, and I promised myself to start posting about them.

I had to start with this one first.

Oh yes… my COMPLAINT.

The book is TOO SHORT!

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