Coincidences? #vpdebate


During the VPOTUS debate last night I tweeted an opinion about the quality of voice of one of the candidates.

I guess I’m not the only one concerned. This appeared a little while later.

That might be the Babylon Bee, but… hey! It’s a real issue. Contemplated daily exposure to that voice.

Meanwhile… my friend Patrick Madrid made his own astute observation…

I’ll turn on the moderation queue for this, to help the filterless.

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  1. JPaulZ says:

    I found her voice grating, during the Kavanaugh “inquisition”. Not only what she said but how she said it. Oh yes, Race Bannon from “Jonny Quest”. I never made the association until I just saw the picture. It is uncanny. I loved that show.

  2. acardnal says:

    I used to watch this show all the time . . . in Prime Time, too! HERE

  3. The Masked Chicken says:

    Ah, Race Gannon from The Adventures of Johnny Quest (animated prime time tv cartoon, 1964). Best Jazz theme music for any cartoon, ever.

    From Wikipedia:

    Roger T. “Race” Bannon is the special agent from Intelligence One assigned to safeguard Jonny “24 hours a day and 7 days a week as tutor, companion and all-around watchdog”.[13] Race was born in Wilmette, Illinois, to John and Sarah Bannon.[14] He is an expert in judo, having a third-degree black belt as well as the ability to defeat notorious experts in various sporting techniques, including sumo wrestlers. He is also a pilot. The character was voiced by Mike Road, with his design modeled on actor Jeff Chandler.[15] The name is a combination of Race Dunhill and Stretch Bannon from an earlier comic strip.[4] The surname Bannon is Irish (from ‘O’Banain’) meaning “white”.[16][17]

    The series is available on DVD. If your kids haven’t seen it, it was an animation milestone. Don’t be confused by the more politically-correct updated series in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    The Chicken

  4. Sandy says:

    Funny you mention that, Father. I made a comment to my husband about her voice. That and everything else about her made it difficult to watch; it gave me a stomach ache! God help our country!

  5. rollingrj says:

    Did anyone else notice there were a couple of times when Senator Harris sounded like she was about to cry? There seemed to be instances where she was pleading with a weekly voice.

  6. rollingrj says:

    That’s “weepy”, not “weekly” .

  7. hwriggles4 says:

    Here’s a few observations:

    1. I liked how Pence questioned Harris about the “Green Deal”, when Biden during last week’s debate implied that he had a different version.

    2. Pence questioned Harris about a bipartisan issue that Tim Scott worked across the aisle on. While Corey Booker (yes, really) took time time to meet with Tim Scott, Kamala Harris walked out of the meeting.

    3. Harris discussed briefly the economic downturn. I wanted to say, “have you looked at your Investment statements recently?”

    4. Harris brought up bipartisanship from Biden. Well – when Biden was in the Senate in the 70s and 80s (and even 20 to 25 years ago) the Democratic party was much different than today’s Democrats. My hope is that voters over 55 will take note that the Democratic party they remember doesn’t exist anymore.

    5. I thanked Pence for standing up for life, and for the Knights of Columbus. Harris and Hirono made some poor statements about the Knights (Actually, Tulsi Gabbard voiced her concerns about these statements).

    Pence did his best to not get rattled – I felt it was productive, and there was little screaming and shouting on both sides. However, I did feel that Pence had his facts straight and his research done. I hope viewers, regardless of party, state of residence, age, race, and creed noticed.

  8. ChrisP says:

    We have a similar type of issue in New Zealand.
    Jacinda Ardern routinely slaughters the English language in public, with such zingers as “adsoludely” and “I refude that” coupled with issuance in the nasally tone of a 1st grade teacher telling little Jimmy off for being a boy.

    They are legion.

  9. NOCatholic says:

    When I was a kid I thought Race Bannon in “Johnny Quest” was way cool!

    And as Chicken says, the music, both the theme and during the episodes, was cool as well!

    (Obligatory old fogie remark:) They don’t make ’em that that anyonre.

  10. thomas tucker says:

    More annoying than Trump’s???

    [Ohhhh yes. Far far more annoying. It has the quality of what one will associate as a nasal sneer. Imagine listening to her for years.]

  11. My only observation, informed by over a decade in the business which followed these people (politicians) around hungry for the ‘sound bite’ was that typically one side wanted to talk with us, the other wanted to constantly lecture us.

    We saw the results when we had a Baptist preacher in the White House (chiding us for our malaise, anyone?) versus someone who spoke from his heart about how we were the best hope of mankind.

    We see where that got us.

    I (and I’m sure many, praying it is a majority) am praying that the American people are smart enough to know the difference between being talked with versus being talked down to. It is clear which is which.

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    Eight years, you’ll get rid of cockroaches more easily than these people once they gain power again. They will lock up that process so it’s never even close. I’m serious, they will never let that happen.
    It’s over. And after her it’s Oprah for Vice President, or President Ocasio-Cortez, the arrogant.
    America will be a certain kind of show that starts with S. Even more than it is now.
    I watched some Johnny Quest, but Munsters was more my thing. And the Monkees. And Brady Bunch.

  13. Midwest St. Michael says:

    You a bad dog, JustaSinner…

    But you still get a laugh from me. ;^)

  14. JonPatrick says:

    We may be getting more of this grating voice than we bargained for if they win. It is likely that shortly after the inauguration they will bundle Ol’ Joe into an Amtrak train to Wilmington and she will be president at least on paper. I shudder to think of President Kamala Harris.

  15. The Masked Chicken says:

    Bryan D. Boyle wrote:

    “ We saw the results when we had a Baptist preacher in the White House (chiding us for our malaise, anyone?) versus someone who spoke from his heart about how we were the best hope of mankind.”

    Who was that? Both Carter and Reagan wound up listing Born-again Christian as their final religion. Carter started as a Baptist; Reagan was born into a Catholic family, but, for some reason was baptized in a Disciples of Christ church and was raised Presbyterian. Most recent presidents have been Presbyterian or Episcopalian.

    For what it’s worth, Carter’s presidency came on the heels of the sexual revolution and a deterioration in morals. He was right to call the country to repentance (not that anyone listened). Reagan’s moral message played into the Yuppie movement with its inherent optimism. Neither president really had much of an effect on the moral outlook of the country. One could argue that the Supreme Court had more of an effect.

    The Chicken

  16. Rob in Maine says:

    Ha ha! I made that reference to Race Bannon a few days ago to some friends. LOVE Jonny Quest, especially the Bid Band theme.

  17. nzcatholic says:

    Oh yea. In New Zealand Jacinda Ardern (Cindy) or Taxinda has a patronising accent and voice. Whenever asked a question she won’t directly answer it but smile . People if you are in the New Zealand/Australia region. Watch Sky News Australia. Fantastic

  18. jjbulano says:

    Harris’s voice hurts not only my ears, but my dogs left the room!! Seriously. And that sanctimonious sneer that the left mistakes for a smile — as much as I want to keep up with what is happening, I can’t listen or look at her.

  19. bookworm says:

    “Reagan was born into a Catholic family”

    His father was Catholic and his mom was Presbyterian. They must have agreed to split the difference with raising their kids because the President’s brother Neil was Catholic.

  20. sjoseph371 says:

    My observation – Pence was the first one I heard in a long time who was unapologetically Pro-Life and didn’t make it an afterthought but a primary feature.

  21. philosophicallyfrank says:

    The whole Democrat Primary line-up was a cast of characters. If what was at stake wasn’t so important; they would have been laughable. Their efforts should have made “Saturday Night Live” proud. On a serious note, an Exorcist needs to be called in to cleanse the Left. Their filthy language and antics are evidence of their being under the control of demons.

  22. KateD says:

    Bombard’s Body Ghost has a body language analysis of the VP debate on YouTube that some may find interesting:

  23. KateD says:

    Tying in via the Race Bannon references: I LOVE that ACB referenced another cartoon character, Superman and his XRay Vision super power, in response to an inane question re 4A from a Democrat Senator during her confirmation hearing. Does this mean we will have super heros and their powers referenced in future SCOTUS opinions? Because that would be really cool.

  24. Semper Gumby says:

    Hopefully there will be a sequel for Race Bannon in the White House.

    Patrick Madrid’s “Surprised by Truth” series of conversion stories, about a dozen converts tell their story in each book, are helpful.

    Regarding the Reagan comments, a helpful book on Reagan’s faith is Paul Kengor’s “God and Ronald Reagan.” Reagan’s Catholic father struggled with alcohol, Reagan’s mother was Disciples of Christ. According to Kengor the difference was not a source of bickering.

    A formative book on young Reagan was the 1903 novel “That Printer of Udell’s: A Story of the Middle West.” Kengor’s book has chapters on the Udell book, on Reagan’s parents Jack and Nelle, and on the Evil Empire speech.

    “Whenever Mr. Reagan delivers a speech, he always mentions his religious feelings.” – Soviet news analyst Anatoly Krasikov, 1986

    AA Cunningham: That priest’s sermon sounds interesting.

    philosophicallyfrank wrote: “The whole Democrat Primary line-up was a cast of characters.”

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