Fathers! Votive options on Tuesday and Thursday after Sexagesima: Passion of the Lord and Reparation for Insults against the Eucharist

Tuesday after Sexagesima Sunday (which, as I write is in two day), there was a tradition of saying a Votive Mass of the Passion of the Lord.

There were once various Votive Masses available focusing on the arma Christi, the instruments of the Passion (e.g., nails, crown of thorns, etc.).   They were suppressed in 1961.

However, this custom has continued in various places.

Moreover, Thursday after Sexagesima Sunday priests offered Holy Mass in Reparation for Insults Offered to the Most Holy Sacrament.

I think that is a terrific intention.  Think about how many sacrilegious Communions there have been since the decline of the Sacrament of Penance, the rise of contraception and then online pornography, etc.

The Benedictines of Silverstream (I warmly recommend their wonderful Way of the Cross for Priests), created a PDF of the Mass formulary: HERE


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  1. WmHesch says:

    I concur with a votive of the Passion on the Tuesday after Sexagesima… but the “Mass Reparation for Insults Offered to the Most Holy Sacrament“ is NOT in the 1962 Pro Aliquibus Locis section, nor was it in previous editions.

    It was a specific Mass conceded to one confederation of Benedictines.

    If you’re arguing that it’s licit for the universal Church, then why wouldn’t the other Devotional Masses of Quadragesima also be licit?? (Eg Holy Shroud, Crown of Thorns etc.)

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