Rome Shot 84

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    A fantastic photo taken on the Ponte Sant Angelo which bridges the Tiber. This is an ancient bridge well over 1700 years old maybe older. It is today a foot bridge only. This shot looks towards Rome’s center and if the phtographer turned around you would see the papal fortress of Castel Sant Angelo or Hadrian’s Tomb.
    This bridge allows you to take great shots of the Tiber and of the Vatican. many a photographer and artist has used the bridge to get dramatic scenes of the dome of St Peter’s.
    Along either side of the bridge are ten 400 year old statues of angels each carrying an instrument used in Our Lord’s passion. In the photo we see the two massive statues of Peter and Paul – also about 400 years old….they face the city and greet persons coming upon the bridge to go to the Castel Sant Angelo or to the Vatican. Also along the bridge are sellers of many different types of wares…curios, crafts,…sunglasses, hats, fake Rolex watches, camera accessories, cell phone accessories….a potpourri of commerce. They’re not obnoxious or annoying. But should you engage a seller be sure to haggle for a price of at least half of what they’re asking.
    If you walk straight you enter a narrow street which links with the corso Vittorio Emanuele which is a busy thoroughfare taking you past the “New Church” of St Philip Neri and eventually to the Jesuit’s Gesu church. A very long walk.
    But, if you veer to the right past the little Methodist Church and walk that narrow street and turn left in the parking lot…you will find a narrower street which is beautiful, quaint and sections ever so Roman. It will place you close to northern end of the Piazza Navona.
    Just imagine how many people have walked this ancient bridge over the past nearly 2000 years. Each person with their own life and unique story. Perhaps you’ve been one. I have. I hope everyone can.

  2. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Thank you, Papal Count!

  3. grateful says:

    Yes, I was wondering why the street was blocked.
    I didn’t know it was a 1700 year old bridge!
    Even the cotton ball fluffy clouds add to the picture.

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