VIDEO PILGRIMAGE to the Holy Land: Day 3

Continued from HERE.

Last year when we were teetering on the brink of normal and 1984, I was chaplain for a Traditional Mass pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  We had wonderful participants, whom I think of with fondness to this day.  We visited the important places and, when we had Mass, we used special Mass Propers composed for those places.Along the way, I made super short videos.

Since we are one year out, I thought I would take you on a mini pilgrimage with those videos.

From 23 February 2020:

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  1. JakeMC says:

    What did happen at that spot? I stopped watching TV altogether many years ago, and I haven’t followed the news at all, in any form, for at least three years now, so I have absolutely no clue.

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  3. Spinmamma says:

    I loved following you and the group on that trip to the Holy Land. It was almost like being there your photographic angles and subjects were that good

  4. grateful says:

    If you watch it on YouTube, it is called QUNEITRA OBSERVATION POINT.
    Here is one article about the ongoing conflicts:

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