#ASonnetADay – Sonnet 143. “Lo, as a careful housewife runs to catch…”

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  1. Andreas says:

    Father Z., As we approach the final block of sonnets, your wonderful readings have, for me, brought out what appears to be a dichotomy in the Bard’s approach to manhood. On the one hand, his dramas depict males of strong, bold and even heroic virtue, whose words and deed inspire. Yet, your readings of the sonnets have also suggested the existence of decidedly less admirable qualities, even to the point of fawning adoration and whining jealousy, not only of the fair youth but, curiously, of the dark lady. Your commentary noting that the sonnets are not necessarily autobiographical lends credence to the notion that the narrator of the sonnets may indeed be using the fair youth and dark lady as symbols, with the former representing the positive virtues and the latter poking fun at man’s less attractive traits. Regardless, your readings have led me back to The Bard, for which I remain most grateful.

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