Daily Rome Shot 129

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    Rome. Sidewalk cafes. Cobblestones. Gregory Peck and a mysterious princess on a Vespa terrorizing the locals.

    When you weary of Venice’s Puccini-crooning gondoliers and Sicily’s sun-baked hillsides ringing with the racket of Tommy Gun vendettas, pull from the pocket of your linen suit a Michelin map. All roads lead to Rome.

    Trekking south from Venice in the Apennines you unfortunately encounter marauding lions and tigers. Fortunately, your Cheltenham Derby Boots speed you out of harm’s way. Later that afternoon curious mountain folk take one look at you and decide to run you through with a sword. You decide the occasion calls for new friends. They reward your gift of Italian Tassel Loafers with a heaping plate of pasta and the Mayor’s promise that he will name his first-born son in your honor.

    The Tyrrhenian Sea. A sunny day. Sailing north from Sicily, canvas sails snap in the wind, seagulls squawk in iambic pentameter, on deck your empty wine bottle rolls to-and-fro as the waves greet the boat. Then, misfortune looms on the horizon. Pirates seek to strip you of your British SBS Canoe Smock, plunder your Vintage Tan Leather 1928 Aviator Messenger Bag and sell you to a degenerate Basha in Tripoli. Fortunately, your water-resistant Supple Goat Suede Shirt eases your swim to shore.

    The journey is arduous, you persevere. And on the fifteenth day of the second month you camp at Three Taverns, not far from Rome, near the sea.

    At Three Taverns a guide appears to accompany you on the remainder of your journey, a guide more trustworthy than a map. The Quo Vadis LampPost. All roads lead to Rome.

    – J. Peterman Catalog

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