ASK FATHER: Purchased a former Masonic Temple…. now what?

From a reader…

A former parishioner of mine asked me to come and bless/pray/cleanse the Masonic Temple he just purchased at auction.  I said I’d research and prepare and get back to him with a date to do so.

I’ve reviewed the prayers for a person or family member who wishes to renounce all things Masonic but what about the temple itself?

If burning the place isn’t an option, then ask for permission from the bishop to say “Exorcism of Place”.  It’s a useful appendix in the new rite, recently published (and the only useful part in that book).

There are several exorcisms of place in Fr. Ripperger’s book  HERE.

A priest can enthrone the Sacred Heart there and say a Mass of the Sacred Heart, preferably on a first Friday (but any liturgically free day would be fine).

The new owner should pray his Rosary there frequently and track any wacky stuff that might happen. If he doesn’t notice anything, great. If he does, the priest can come back and do some more minor exorcisms.

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  1. ex seaxe says:

    My impression of Freemasonry in these islands of the Atlantic Archipelago, is that it is more a matter of trapping souls into a conspiracy of self interest than worship of anything, other than Mammon (which is bad enough). If the USA is similar probably only these minor exorcisms are required. Not something as dramatic as the Dedication of the Pantheon, which you described on May 13th.

  2. Gaetano says:

    A properly blessed St. Benedict Jubilee Medal would also be appropriate.

  3. Front Pew View says:

    I once attended a choral concert in a Masonic building (unsure if it was a temple, hall, or what). I recall a palpable sense of evil when I was in that building – I can’t explain it, and had (and still have) little knowledge of the Masons, but all I know and recall is that I very much disliked being inside that building.

  4. teomatteo says:

    I was walking in a northern michigan town a few years ago and happened by a Lodge that above the door announced, ‘Pere Marquette Masonic Lodge’. Irony?

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  7. chuckharold says:

    The Masonic Temple in my hometown had a bowling alley in the basement. We all went there after school at St. Gabriel’s. I don’t think the nuns ever caught on and our parents didn’t know about it either.

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