This is the sort of person whom the House voted that it’s okay to kill up to birth

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    To be fair, this falls under Freedom of Religion. To Democrats, offering babies to their gods or to satan is a sacrament, so this matters very much to them. If they couldn’t sacrifice babies, what would they have to offer, themselves? While many people do commit suicide thanks to the inhumane and brutal regime of the Democrat/Socialist/Marxists, it is not nearly enough to pacify satan or their gods. This is why babies must be offered, as many as possible and as often as possible. The blood of babies is the central part of their worship. Babies with impediments are the lowest hanging fruit, they are not perfect, but blemished, in the eyes of the Democrats. To Democrats, no one should mind using these useless eaters for such a purpose. They are doing the world a favor! And while they cut down on the world’s carbon footprint by eliminating these babies who would likely produce less carbon than most, and provide more reasons for love and mercy in a dying world, they simultaneously accomplish a few other goals near and dear to the shriveled Democrat heart. They provide elegant homes to the abortionists and millions to the elites who pay the abortionists, giving us more humans who make the world a more ugly place and then profit from it. They put a jackboot in the face of the people who try to protect life, whom the Democrats hate so dearly, and they promote more hate, more disorder, more reasons for depression, in a more violent world. Win/win/win/win! Hell yawns and gapes before them, but they fear not. There is no hell, aren’t they nice people?! Their wiccan priestesses, do they not sit in Catholic churches and bow their wizened heads and offer their infernal petitions to the gods? They’ll be fine. Won’t they?

  2. ChrisP says:

    Precisely, because they are the people the diabolical fear the most. The apparently infirm, lowly, disfigured and disgraced…….who through pure hearts and faith, allow the utter Glory of God to shine through, convert the world and shame the wicked and fallen angels and men.

    Thank God for them and ask Him to send us many Bl. Herman’s for our time.

  3. Archicantator says:

    Better known since at least the twelfth century as Hermannus Contractus (“Herman the Cripple”). The continuator of his chronicle, who picked it up from partway through 1054 (where Herman left it at his death), wrote of him at the beginning of that continuation:

    “Herimannus, Wolferadi comitis filius, ab infantia omnibus membris contractus, sed omnes tunc temporis viros sapientia et virtutibus praecellens, in Aleshusan, praedio suo, defunctus ac sepultus est.”

    ([In this year] “Herman, the son of Count Wolfrad, who was from infancy crippled in all his limbs, but who excelled all men of that time in wisdom and virtue, died and was buried at his family’s estate at Altshausen.”)

  4. choirlady says:

    Abortion. The human sacrifice to Satan.

  5. chris griffin says:


    Attempted murder of Jesus Christ
    “whatever you do to the least of these you do to me” Matt 25:40

    is hatred of God
    “all those who love death hate God” Prov 8:36

    is the crime of LYING IN WAIT which is first degree murder. Surprise murderous attack on her own baby with malice aforethought for days or weeks. Ps 10:8, Prov 1:11 & 12:6, Deut 19:11

    Nobody in the Bible was ever forgiven of baby murder, much less murder by the mother herself, much less abortion. 2 Kings 24:4

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