Send Fr. Z your snail-mail 2021 CHRISTMAS CARDS! – UPDATE

UPDATE 9 Feb 2022:

I received a few more and some “100!” donations as well.

Boise, ID* (many thanks!)
Las Vegas, NV*
New Palz, NY (nice letter)
Harvard. MA*
Rome (nice card)
Maple Grove, MN (wow)
Lawrence, KS* (thank you very much for that)

It is nice to have cards still coming. Very nice.

UPDATE 5 Feb 2022:

A few more cards arrived.

Oxford, CT*
Canton, MI* (and 100!)
Steubenville, OH*
Scottsdale, AZ* (and 100!)
St. Cloud, FL* (and 100!)
Bowling Green, MO* (and 100! and, yes, it was on purpose) x2
Bronxville, NY* (and 100! and, nice stationary)
Shaker Heights, OH* (and 100!)
Eaton, PA* (and 100!, and will do, and keep up the Latin)
Fort Calhoun, NE* (and 100! and glad to help)
Houston, TX* (and 100! and I am deeply moved by your note. Thank you.)

UPDATE 29 Jan 2022:

I was told today that more are being forwarded.   That’s great!  I really enjoy them.

I found some of the cards and cities I was missing. I think I have everyone now. My apologies if I missed anybody.

Vatican City
Isle of Man
Oswego (kid art)
Newman Lake, WA
Blanchardville, WI
Belleville, WV
Escanaba, MI
Olathe, KS,
San Jose, CA (masses and stamps)
Minneapolis, MN (great news)
Vero Beach, FL
Portsmouth, NH
San Mateo, CA (seeds!)
Mesa, AZ
Flemington, NJ
Menomonee Falls, WI
Naperville, IL
Tiverton, RI  (I must visit again.)
Frisco, TX

More kid art. Also, I am sorry if I can’t post it all. At first, there was nothing and then a whole bunch came! It’s like the Ogden Nash poem about ketchup.

First, cards made by kids.

Not kid art, but nice, from the ARTIC CIRCLE.

UPDATE 26 Jan 2022:

Allow me to say that I am pretty frustrated. I mislaid a sheet with the names of all sorts of cities – your cards! I enjoy acknowledging the fact that I received them. I’ll keep looking.

Meanwhile, a few more trickled in.

Kingston, ID* GREAT stamp!
Wiesbaden, via the Arctic Circle!
Story, WY* (wow!)
N. Fort Myers, FL (lovely family, thanks for the prayers)
Lincoln, NE (no, not the latest, but I perhaps the longest letter! kid art, too!)
Leominster, MA (a podcast fan)

I suspect more will come. As in years past, some come in from other countries.

UPDATE 17 Jan 2022:

A few more arrived today. *SNIFF*… I really enjoy these. Some of them are so joyful, especially from young families. Others have so many cares to share. I embrace them all. Thank you for sending.

Laveen, AZ
St. Louis, MO* (I am contemplating a trip there for to see the Cathedral and do chess stuff)
Lincolnshire, IL (nice card and “Volo” in Latin means, “I want, desire”). I want you to keep moving forward.
Mt. Horeb, WI (great letter and the kid art… I actually LOL’d)
Boise, ID* not Christmasy but thanks!
Atlanta, GA (yeah, I know – persevere)
Singapore (very cool, the other side of the world and here we are)
Syracuse, NY (Really sad, that. But we are all still breathing and we must be patient.)
Lancing, Sussex, England

UPDATE 13 Jan 2022:

This is a partial update because I misplaced a sheet whereupon I had written my notes for a large batch of cards that arrived about a week ago. In the meantime, here are a few more that came yesterday. And THAT batch had an interesting adventure. A bunch of cards were collected for me and sent by priority mail, with tracking. I was tracking it and it took two days longer than estimated to appear as “out for delivery”, which is annoying. However, about an hour before the deadline in my tracking notice yesterday evening, it was still, “out for delivery”. I checked a little later and it said, “Delivered”. So, out I go to find it. Nothing. Just at that moment, the postman pulls up around the corner with a delivery to another house. I know him a little because I chat with him when I can. Get to know your post carrier! I told him the problem. He scrunched up his face and said, “Gimme 15 minutes. I think I know where it is”. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later he knocks at the door with my two-day-late-almost-lost-priority-mailer with your Christmas cards.

So, misplacing seems to be the theme of this update…. and gratitude. THANK YOU for the great cards!

Marion, IN
Baldwin, NY*
Ave Maria, FL (several)
Calabasas, CA
Perville, IL (nice)
Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
Manchester, England (lovely)
Austell, GA
Rochester, MN
Falmouth, NS
NYC, NY (Chartreuse!)
Southwick, MA

And, of course, some kid art.

UPDATE 29 Dec 2021:

Another big wave came in. This time there was more kid art!

Indianapolis, IN
Wappingers Falls, NY
Thousand Oak, CA
Franklinville, NY
Savannah, GA
Saratoga Springs, NY*
Waltham, MA
Destrehan, LA
Harrisburg, PA
Coeur d’Alene, ID* (700! kudos)
Lewisville, NC
Fort Collins, CO*
Orlando, FL (happy!)
Footville, WI
Summit, NJ
Mesa, AZ
Ave Maria, FL
Roselle Park, NJ
Hamburg, NY*
Kenai, AK
Middleton, WI
Lincoln NE (huge family wedding pic!)
Kansas City, MO
Bethesda, MD*
Escondido, CA
Cudahy, WI* ($2 bill – fun)
Covina, CA (go to confession, indeed!)
Cincinnati, OH (stamps)
Tokyo, Japan
Mesa, AZ
S. St. Paul, MN
Austin, TX
Coldrerio, Switzerland
Bottesford, Lewis, Leicestershire*
Wichita, KS*
Scottsdale, AZ
Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia
Bethesda, MD
Cody, WY
Stamford, CT
Las Vegas, NV*
Alliston, ONT*
Arlington Heights, IL
Pisgah, NC
Loganville, GA
River Ridge, LA
Boise, ID
Lakeside, CA
Knoxville, TN
Lubec, ME (73!)

Some kid art.

UPDATE 29 Dec 2021:

Some have come through another address.

APO AE (Austria)
Platte City, MO
Albuquerque, NM
Manhattan, Beach, CA
Melbourne, Beach, FL
Lodi, WI (that wall and door looks familiar)
Beaumont, TX
Granville, OH (not sure what that is, but thanks)

UPDATE 27 Dec 2021:

Milton, WI
Arlington, VA
Brooklyn, WI
Lancaster, PA
Pasadena, MD
Plainfield, IL* (lovely note, thanks)
Iowa City, IA (Dear readers, pray for a miracle for J. through Ven. Samuel Mazzuchelli)
Lake Charles, LA
Bellingham, WA
Montgomery, AL*
Seaford, NY
Moosonee, ON
Maple Grove, MN* (thanks for the news, etc.)
Alexandria, VA*
Berkey. OH
Orlando, FL (good tip about the basketball)
Albuquerque, NM* (great tip about Fr Matteo d’Agnone, drop me a note about video Masses)
Houston, TX
Wading River, NY (nice card, cool stamp)
Chula Vista, CA (masses)
San Francisco, CA
Voorhees, NJ
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Ashford, Middlesex, England (nice stamps)
Monterey, CA
Fairfax, VA (Great news about your parents! I’m glad it worked out!)
Hollister, CA (excellent about TLM attendance)
New Hope, PA (lovely card)
Dallas, TX
Mt. Clemens, MI
Monterey, CA (related?)
Millersville, MD
Cierne Klacany, Maticná – Slovakia (4 pages with a fountain pen, super!)

Wow… what a great batch of cards. It kept me reading for quite a bit of the afternoon.

My thanks to CK who is forwarding mail.

And I finally got kid pics:

And from Slovakia, the tail end of the handwritten missive – in very good English – and the card.

UPDATE 26 Dec 2021:

Kenai, AK
Helena, MT
Palmer, TX
Summit, NJ* (Thank you very much!)
Puerto Rico, (prayers for your 100 year old mother)
Palatine, IL (nice stamps)
Upper Brookville, NY
Mechanicsville, VA (Thanks for using Venmo)
Flushing, NY
Sydney, NS
Thaxon, VA
Louisville, KY
Woodstock, GA (masses!)
Columbia, SC* (thanks)
Kuna, ID
Howell, MI (stamps – I know!)
Germantown, TN* (thanks)
Rochester, MI (masses)
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Brea, CA
Hudson, MA
Middleton, WI (73)
S. Euclid, OH (must visit again)
Kansas City, KS* (thanks)
Williston, FL
St. Mary, MO
Livingston, MT* (thanks)
Boca Raton FL

UPDATE 18 Dec 2021:

I received a batch of cards and a couple of small packages!

Åbo, Finland
Malone, NY*
Mounteagle, TX
Gravesend, Kent – TWO
Aurora, MO
Watervliet, NY
Vero Beach, FL
Fort Washington, MD (12 children!)
Dillsburg, PA (kids losing 1st tooth, cool)
Glenview, IL
Stockport, England
Plano, TX
Anchorage, AK
San Elizario, TX*
Fresno, CA
Orangeville, ON
New Orleans, LA
San Francisco, CA* (thank you!)
Greenville, SC* (thanks!)
Lost Nation, IA (could be the name of wider region)
Ashford, Kent (inspiring)
La Crescent, MN (lots o’ kids!)
Orrtanna, PA (masses)
Fultondale, AL
Depew, NY (book, thanks)
Mesa, AZ
Pierz, MN,
Montgomery, IL (book)
Shelton, CT
Houston, OH
Cody, WY
St. Louis. MO (I’ve been wanting a trip there for several reasons – never been)
Greendale, IN
York PA (son is a priest!)
Mission Viejo, CA

So far no little kid drawings.  I am sure that before the season is over, some will come.

Christmas season lasts for a while, after all!

UPDATE 11 Dec 2021:

I was forwarded a few more cards.

Boise, ID
Bronxville, NY
Oshkosh, WI (Thank you and 73)
W. Saint Paul, MN (Thank you for the Masses)

I know they are being collected and forwarded, but I think this year hasn’t been as cardy.

If you want some snailmail to get to me faster and with fewer intermediate steps, or you have something larger, drop me an email.  I might have a suggestion.

UPDATE 4 Dec 2021:

I am FINALLY getting some Christmas cards forwarded via snail mail!

Delmar, NY*
Melbourne Beach, FL*
Winter Garden, FL* (not sure if this was for Christmas or not, but I’ll count it)
Arbor Vitae, WI*
Cody, WY* (again, not Christmasy, but…)
Mokena, IL (good news about attendance)

That’s it so far.

I’m hoping for a lot more.   They will have to come in waves, since they are being collected and sent on.  Sorry about the delay!


Originally Published on: Nov 24, 2021


If you would like to send me Christmas greetings or cards, please send by snail mail, if possible with really cool stamps.

Remember mail?

I always enjoy your Christmas cards.  The notes and letters which describe the year people have had are interesting and, often, moving.  I read them all.

And drawings by kids are a hoot.

As I have done in years past, I’ll try to post all the places whence they were mailed from around the world.  Keep in mind that if you don’t include your address, at least your city, I can’t easily do that.

I have a US PO BOX address.

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
733 Struck St.
PO BOX 44603
Madison, WI 53744-4603

That is the P.O. Box of the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison

Someone will regularly check the P.O. box for me and forward everything.  That will add a little time to how long it takes to reach me.

If you want to send a box, something time sensitive, or perhaps expensive – like keys to a Bugatti – contact me. HERE   We might be able to find you a faster address!

Please DO NOT send perishable food items. I am sure they would be wonderful but, please, just don’t.

If you put glitter in the card, I’ll recite the Maledictory Psalms against you.  Really.  I will.

If  I receive something threatening or illegal, I will immediately turn it in to law enforcement.  I’m sorry I have to write that under such a cheery topic, but this is the world we live in, especially in this dreadful year of 2021 with the craziness going on.


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