ASK FATHER: Retreat for women with the TLM

From a reader…


Do you know where we might find a good women’s retreat in a TLM environment?

I’ll open this up to the readership.

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  1. IaninEngland says:

    If you’re in England, the SSPX is holding a women’s Ignatian retreat in Bristol on 3 – 8 July and again on 11 – 16 September.

  2. redneckpride4ever says:

    The SSPX offers retreat centers.

  3. ProfKwasniewski says:

    The traditional Benedictine monks of Tasmania come to the USA each year to offer TLM-only retreats, one for men and one for women:

  4. SuperTrad says:

    I believe the Benedictine sister at Still River, Massachusetts run a women’s retreat. Not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure I heard someone mention it when I attended the men’s retreat the brothers run.

  5. anotherphilothea says:

    Fr Ripperger is doing a Mother-Daughter one in Wyoming this summer:

  6. BeatifyStickler says:

    I would contact Father Shannon Collins, Superior of the Missionaries of St. John the Baptist. They will send a Priest to your parish and do a mission/retreat. Perhaps you and some women could arrange it! He’s an excellent Priest and was trained at the Toronto Oratory. Worth a shot. Good luck.

  7. I received this:

    Dear Fr Z,

    Our Fr Prior is directing two retreats with the TLM in June of this year in Ohio. More information can be found one our website: We have an image/pdf with all the info on it I could send you, but there is no way to attach it here.
    We are a small TLM Benedictine monastery in Tasmania, Australia, and we regularly give 5 day Spiritual Exercises retreats in the spirit of the abbey of St Joseph in Flavigny, where our founding prior is from.

  8. Jambon says:

    yes, there is a men’s silent traditional ignatian retreat April 27-30, 2023 at the Edelweiss House in Greensburg Indiana and a women’s silent traditional ignatian retreat May 18-21, 2023 at the same Edelweiss House in Greensburg Indiana. those who are interested can email Tim Catalano at
    thank you, Fr Jambon

  9. hwriggles4 says:

    While this is coming from a man I helped for a few years with the yearly Come and See weekend in my diocese. Our young adult group back then was invited to assist with greeting and carrying luggage on arrival and then we would stay for Mass and dinner.

    That said, I was always impressed with the Nashville Dominicans and the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (the latter began teaching in a nearby diocese and like the Nashville Dominicans, has several sisters under 40 years of age. ) These orders may or may not have a priest to do the TLM but both religious communities are solid orders (I think most of the readership here will agree. )

    Both orders may do women only retreats that are for lay people. I don’t know but it wouldn’t hurt to look them up.

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