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ASK FATHER: Friends returning to the Church say they can receive Communion without going to confession first

From a reader… QUAERITUR: After a number of years away from the faith of my childhood, I made the decision to return to the Catholic church.  After attending a few masses, my heart longed to receive the Eucharist, so I … Read More

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ASK FATHER: The historic, generic “intentions of the Holy Father”

Click A request was made to explain again how to pray for the “Holy Father’s intentions”, which we do especially when we want to gain indulgences. This question has been put to me in a couple of ways, for example, … Read More

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ST LOUIS TLM opportunities and Requiem Mass for Pope Benedict XVI

St. Louis is more and more in my mind’s eye these day, principally because of the St. Louis Chess Club and that whole environment around it. HOWEVER… I received this note, which seems highly advantageous to post: Merry Christmas!  Some … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2023

2023 Predictions 1) Cardinals Ladaria and Oullet will be replaced with manifest liberals 2) Biden will propose even more federal spending, tax hikes, and RINOs will support it 3) Harassment and marginalization of loyal clergy and normal Catholics will intensify … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 622

Welcome: thaumaturgus203 From the new presepio at Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini. Meanwhile,… Black to play and force mate. NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others. This is fun.  The 50 … Read More

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